Friday, April 9, 2010

What Happens in Canada....

This week's winner was chosen by my sister Rhodie who is visiting Two Dog Pond from Southern California. She about peed her pants laughing at some of the entries, but LOVED Miss Kitty's entry of "What happens in Canada, stays in Canada."
After choosing the winner, Rhodie went outside and cleaned up my flower garden.
Thank you, Rhodie! and Thank you, Kitty! and Thank you, Canada, just for being you.
Miss Kitty, your soldered glass pendant on a 24" ball chain "will arrive in aboot a day, you lovely Canuk. Eh?"

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Little Messy Missy said...

I have been browsing your Etsy account and love all your tumbled glass. I am a rock hound and tumble rocks and class all the time.I even found purples, teals and powder green broken glass in a ghost town outside of Utah. I would love to share. I would love to see it in your beautiful art. Do you polish your own? If you would like some just email me. (free of course);0)