Friday, April 2, 2010

Next Stop - Reality World

Congratulations goes to TLee, this week's necklace contest winner!! TLee wins with her entry of "Next Stop...Reality!" There were lots of great entries this week - thanks to everyone who entered. Seems there might be something a bit wacky going on though. I am missing a few comments (I made them) from the comment queue... I hope that no one else's got booted - I swear I did not delete anything! It also seems that there's been a bit-o-trouble in getting signed in and receiving weird error codes. That's what took so long to let TLee know she's a winner! (TLee is a winner whether I declare it or not!!♥) Perhaps blogger is experiencing the same troubles that Toyota is with the sun beam energy boosts making the gas pedal stick....
I hope you all have a wonderful Easter!


Unknown said...

i got your declaration! thanks! this one was a stumper! have a bleseed Easter holiday!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Do we have to stop there?
Turned out cute - love the hooker necklaces down're too sassy!
Happy Easter to you as well Rachel!!

liked your word verification...ours is
(I thought it would say lessismore)
hee hee hee!!

Leah said...

mmm, i like this one. yes, yes, i do!