Tuesday, May 29, 2012

Live Play Work

Live. In Nebraska, storms are always popping up. This one was full of big hail that hit the nephew's place but not ours...
 Play. Scootch would like to meet the new little pullets and play with them.
(thanks to JillyBean for raising them for us!)
 (the older girls could care less about the new chicks)
 Work (that feels like Play)
 This bear bone necklace is mine. I love it!
 including finishing up all my soldered pendant orders so I can pack up from upstairs and start moving back down to my studio tomorrow!!
 I bought a hat rack at a going out of business sale. Time for more hats!

 Spray painted the old kitchen cart.
OK - here's the finished tile floor. Now I don't like the freshly painted light gray walls with it. Everyone thought it would look great when I had the tiny paint sample and one tile, but as a big room, it lacks warmth and I need help choosing a color... suggestions? (hint - I like chocolate and coffee) Things are supposed to be finished up this week. I will probably be out of touch for awhile....plus my sister Elisabeth is coming to visit!! Yahoo!!!

Monday, May 21, 2012

Back From Our Quest

 By far, the best Margarita we found in Sedona, Arizona was at the Cowboy Grill. This was the same place I ate a buffalo burger as big as my head!!
Here's my confession - I'm not really that big of a drinker, so only tried a few...

 Standing on the edge of the Grand Canyon.
Hiking up Bell Rock, we stopped to rest.
Ten minutes later....must have been the strong Vortex.

Monday, May 14, 2012

On A Quest

Pretend that's a giant cactus behind us.
My sister Bonnie and I are off on a Quest.
We're heading for Sedona, Arizona.
The Quest? To find the perfect Margarita.

Wednesday, May 9, 2012

You Are All Invited

I do hope you will come. I'll be there with jewelry!
Bring your friends! Buy each other presents!

Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Moving right along

This is what my studio looks like today. The walls are painted a very light gray with a tint of blue. That brown wall in the nap nook was left brown because I would like to decoupage maps all over it. Tiling should start next week sometime.
 Since it's May Day, here's a picture of some of the tomatoes and cucumbers I started from seed. I'll put them out in the garden when they are a wee bit bigger and stronger.
 I've set up working in the dining room/living room. I have the ability to quickly take over a space... no photos of that...
Happy May Day!