Wednesday, March 28, 2018


Finally. I figured out how to resize the giant photos my camera takes to a reasonable size.

Thursday, March 15, 2018

Well, look at that!

Looks like I might be able to add some pics of the things I've been making...


It's a curious thing... I've ignored my blog for ages. Years in fact. So many things have changed and yet so many things remain the same. I am still making jewelry. I am making journals and field notes. I am teaching the Zentangle method to anyone who will sit still long enough. Life is good.

My studio is great - it's a mess right now because there are lots of projects going on. The dogs are both sound asleep. That's always nice. I swore that I would not let the main work table get messy and that I would always clean it up. Ha. I've had to add tables to accommodate the overflow.

Perhaps it's time to start blogging again. Perhaps it is not. If I can figure it out on my phone, then it really is.