Friday, April 16, 2010

Even More Self-Proclaimed Art Camp

Safety first. My first project today was to make my safety goggles more user friendly for middle aged eyes. I took the arms off a pair of readers and tied them to the goggles. Yes. I am a geek. Yes. I can now see what I'm doing...
I used my die cutter to cut some circles out of an old English tin

then used my dome block set to make them, well - domed.

I cut some 1" pieces of copper and punched circles out of the middles, then cut 1.25" pieces of brass and filed it all down to non-dangerous edges.

I also torched the copper to give it a lovely patina, then center punched and drilled holes in the metal pieces. I riveted the copper, brass, and lovely tin domes together and attached the pieces to make this chunky bracelet:
This is a close up. Look at the patina on the copper. Love it.
This idea was all mine, I am proud to say. Now I'd like to switch the copper and the tin around so that there's more pattern. AND - I would like to learn to etch the copper. AND - I need to make a pretty clasp for this. I used a brass lobster clast. Boring, but functional. Craft Camp is going way too fast! I still want to silk-screen some tees and make some stepping stones!!


Kitty said...

oooooh! i LOVE LOVE LOVE this bracelet! I may have to do a field trip to two dog pond ASAP!

Jessica said...

The bracelet is beautiful! You wouldn't happen to be selling anything like that in the future...I'm just saying... :D

Jill said...

This is soooooo wonderful! And, your talking garden stones in the post sister gave me the same kit about 7 years ago (I think she got it on clearance too). It's been sitting in my cloak room all these years. As soon as I have my own art camp maybe I'll get some stones done!

Two Dog Pond said...

This might have to be a Two Dog Pond Craft Camp Project once I get my act together and can have 4-6 people working at a time. How fun would that be?
Jill - you would have a blast with the talking stones - you could do some wordle on them.

Linda M. Cain said...

This is gorgeous!!!!! I would love to come to camp, I never got to go as a kid!!! HA! Seriously!


ikkiVa said...

Love everything about this.
You continue to amaze!