Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Garage Sale Treasures

 We had family here last weekend and lucky for me, they too like to go garage sailing.
I found the kitchen tray above for $1.
 Cool wooden organ-pipes. They will hang on a wall soon.
 No idea. I just loved it.
And a few great old books including this one that even has a pattern for British Knickers.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Last Week's Winner - Make a Wish

So - there's not really any exotic excuse for why I didn't get this posted last Friday. The weather was beautiful, we had family visiting, the beer was cold, the fish were biting, the garage sales were booming, the target was calling "shoot me", the stars were bright... you get the picture. I wish every day was like that. Speaking of wishes - and if they were fishes - Miss Natalie is the winner of last week's contest. She entered "A glittering star in the sky is a tiny flicker of hope. Make a Wish". I just liked the Make a wish part. (the rest had too many words). Miss Natalie, please e-mail me your mailing address and I will grant your wish - as long as your wish was that you would win with half of your entry!
Thanks to all who played last week and for your patience.
That brings me to this - There won't be a contest this week or next week... There's more beautiful weather in store, but that's not the main reason there won't be a contest. After three years of contests, it's time to switch things up... and that's all I'll say about that right now. It's not over - just changing.

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

Another Custom Order

 ...for a customer that likes her necklaces big and bold.

Before and After and Inbetween

 I was sent the above word document and turned it into the collage below:
The background and floral images are from the Beautiful Fall packet from Deviant Scrap.
 The customer requested some soldering and some fall colors. I made not one, not two, not three, but four of these yesterday. I think they are beautiful. She picks them up this morning - I hope she loves them!
(the giant clunky stand doesn't go with these pieces. She's providing her own...)

Monday, September 19, 2011

Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest - Over the Moon

Welcome to the Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest. This week's image is another vintage image I've colorized and am contemplating adding some glitter to. The contest is simple, really. Make a suggestion for what you think the perfect quote/phrase/poem/word would be for this image. On Friday a winner will be chosen by a panel of experts (some without poseable thumbs) and rewarded with a soldered glass pendant on a 24" chain.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

I Made Myself A Necklace

Last night we went to a retirement party for a gentleman my husband works with. I needed a necklace to wear with my pretty new top and my old blue jeans (that's just how I roll). I received a couple boxes of rocks and beads I had ordered and made this necklace. It doesn't look like much - it's cathedral beads wired rosary style and a giant chunk of quartz. Simple. I love it. I plan on making more.
The quartz has a lovely glow to it's roughness. Of course I made a simple pair of earring to go with the necklace.

Friday, September 16, 2011

This Week's Winner - A Passive Aggressive Halloween

TLee is the winner of this week's Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest. Congratulations! Her entry was "It's kinda sad to see your family leave, sweetheart!" Admittedly - I left off the word 'sweetheart' because my memory didn't last from reading it to taking it to Photoshop to make the graphic for the backside. My apologies, Miss TLee. Anyway - I think this is the funnies pendant we've done for a while, don't you? And TLee, if you haven't moved, I will send out your pendant right away. TLee has been with this contest since almost the very beginning in 2008 or 9. A loooong time. Thank you. Actually, lots of you have been playing for a couple of years - thank you!! Honestly, what would I do without you? Post pictures of  booties?

Thursday, September 15, 2011

On My Desk

 Not exactly "on my desk" {More like resting on top of the kiln} since my workspace is  covered with pendants and pearls right now, but I had requests for more "Through The Keyhole" Pendants and will finish those after I complete the 72 necklace orders sitting here. (Yahoo!!)
Close Up of my fave with added X's
Cowboy Booties. Do you like 'em, Vikki?
I just didn't want anyone to think I wasn't doing anything this week....

Monday, September 12, 2011

Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest - Goodbye Summer

This week's Necklace Contest image is Halloween themed. (oh, really? we hadn't noticed, Miss Obvious). The contest is simple - you come up with a phrase, a quote, a word, a saying or whatever you think would be a perfect caption for this image. A winner will be chosen on Friday and rewarded with - you guessed it - a soldered glass pendant on a chain!
Enter as often as you like. Check back to see what other people write - I'm not kidding - there are some clever people out there.

Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monkey Shine

 I've been making sock monkeys since I was a child. I love them. When I had a retail shop in the 90's I had a basket of them in there. For a while, everytime someone gave birth - sock monkey gift. So last week when my husband and I were on the road heading for the seminar, I made some sock monkey hats. This morning I asked Sweatshop Baby, DittyJo and her handsome brother Cael to pose for me. The sun was right in their sweet faces. They still look adorable in these hats.
 This is my entry for last week's contest:

Friday, September 9, 2011

This Week's Winner - Death Defying

This week's Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest Winner is Kathryn with her entry of "Live Life Defying Death". She is probably a total daredevil! Miss Kathryn - please e-mail me with your mailing address and I will send you your soldered glass pendant on a 24" chain! Thanks for playing!
I apologize for the lateness in this post and for being delinquent all week. I was out of town at a seminar with my husband. If I can get Sweatshop Baby to pose, I'll show you what I made while on the road... more baby goodness.

Monday, September 5, 2011

Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest - Death Defying

Welcome back to the Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest! This week's image is a vintage Houdini Poster. It makes me want to hold my breath! The contest is simple: post a suggestion for the perfect quote/saying/word/title for this image. On Friday a winner will be chosen and rewarded with a soldered glass pendant on a 24" chain. Mystifying!

Special thanks to everyone who came to the Liberty House on Saturday and shopped! What a nice day it turned out to be. We set up on the front porch because it was raining and you all still showed up! Thank you!

Friday, September 2, 2011

This Week's Winner - No Chicken Dinner

This week's Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest Winner is Meaghan with her entry from My Fair Lady "I could have danced all night, and still have begged for more." I know. I know. It has nothing to do with the bird... (Thus the "no chicken dinner" part of the title). Send me your mailing address (rachel@twodogpond.com) Miss Meaghan, and I will send you your winning pendant! Thanks to everyone who played this week!
Just in case this week's necklace was too sweet for you, here are some new Halloween pendants. I especially love the POISON ones - probably because they have the antidotes on them.
"Mustard and warm water to vomit, give freely of epsom salts and water."
"Give no emetics. Give at once large draughts of water containing milk of magnesia, milk, soft soap or soap and water, magnesia, oxide, white of eggs beaten up with water, or olive oil. Avoid carbonates. Call Physician." I know. I know. We used the image on the left last year in the necklace contest. I made the pendant 1.25" square and the back side now has an owl sitting on a glitter moon (which isn't showing up).

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Keys Me You Fuul

The new copper vines from Vintaj are perfect for riveting on to vintage keys. These will be at the show on Saturday.... I'm dangling them in front of you...

You Are All Invited