Sunday, October 31, 2010

Happy Halloween!

We celebrated Halloween last night - I was part of a funcoven... notice the 'spirit circle' that attached itself to my costume? It's gone now....and attached to YOU! Above: I have a pile - AHUMONGOUSPILE - of work to do...
Below: while working on above pile, also etching copper - my new favorite pasttime.
Happy Halloween!

Friday, October 29, 2010

This Week's Winner - Listen To Your Mother

Congratulations to this week's Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest Winner - Therese!! She wins with her entry of "Mother told me there would be days like this" Don't you love it? There were some great comments about 'torpedoes' and bad dates and expectations - All things our mothers told us about - BUT did we listen? Nooooo.... we had to figger (my mother says 'figger' for figure) it out for ourselves.
Anyway - Congratulations, Therese! Since you're a previous winner, I have your address and will put your necklace in the mail - pronto.
Best advice my mother ever gave me was in regards to breaking up with a boy:
She said "You don't cut a dog's tail off a little bit at a time. Just do it."
Thanks, Mom.

Monday, October 25, 2010

Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest - Almost Halloween

It's almost Halloween, so I have chosen an image that is Quite Scary.
Obviously you won't receive it in time for Halloween, but it's an image that you could wear all year long! It's Scary, It's Sexy, It's Vintage - what more could you ask?
Here's the contest: you think of clever sayings/quotes/hymns that would be perfect for this image and make your comments here. On Friday a winner will be chosen and rewarded with a soldered glass pendant on a 24" ball chain. Enter as often as you like - the more you enter, the more chuckles we all get! It's a win/win.
Hope you all have a spectacular week!

Friday, October 22, 2010

This Week's Winner - Potion Number Wine

Congratulations to this week's winner!! Shabbycottagegirl (she is the absolute QUEEN of finding great junk!) wins with her entry of "Love Potion Number Wine". Go look at Shabby's blog. She has a great eye for finding treasures. Anyway - Great play on words! I still don't know just exactly what the woman in the picture is doing, but I have a feeling she prefers not to drink alone and so found the urn with her dead husbands ashes and drinks with him.... who knows? Anyway - you, Miss Clever Shabbycottagegirl, need to e-mail me ( with your mailing address and I will send your soldered glass pendant on a 24" chain right out to you.
Have a great weekend! I'll be at Kim's in Valporaiso tomorrow morning doing a Trunk Show!

Thursday, October 21, 2010

Cold Connections, Hot Connections, Twisted Connections

I'm trying to stock up on metal pieces and fused glass for some shows I have coming up (plus I just really love to make them.) Here, then, are a few of the pieces I just finished working on...
Love the one below. Really Really Love It.
Looks cooler on....

and now I'm off to make more....

Wednesday, October 20, 2010

New York City - Here They Come!

Remember last summer when Casey Affleck and Summer Phoenix and their beautiful little boys came to Two Dog Pond for a visit? (My step-daughter, Kira the Actress, is their nanny...) Well - Summer liked the hats I made last winter and asked if I would put them in her New York Shop, Some Odd Rubies. Would I?? WOULD I?? She didn't have to ask twice! Today I will pack up last winters therapy sessions (they were!) and send them to New York.

I hope they do well in the big city.

I hope they spread some Two Dog Pond love and make people warm and happy.

Monday, October 18, 2010

Necklace Contest - Potted Plants

Welcome to the Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest! It's easy, it's fun, it will get your giggle on for the day. The contest is this: you make a comment on what you think would be a great caption for this image. Enter as often as you like! On Friday a winner will be chosen (never an easy task) and rewarded with a soldered glass pendant on a 24" ball chain.
Want to really challenge your brain? Try making up a story in 15 words or less describing this image. You don't have to - just if you need a challenge.
Thank you for playing - your entries keep me laughing!

Friday, October 15, 2010

This Week's Winner - Just Don't Touch Her Pumpkin!

Congratulations to PaigeB, this week's Two Dog Pond Necklace Winner! She wins with her submission of "Don't even think about touching my pumpkin!" ha ha ha.
Honestly - her use of a handy-verb didn't influence my decision. The decision to use a hand hit me later. PaigeB, you'll have to let me know if you would like the green handed or the orange handed pendant. AND - your mailing address so I can get your soldered glass pendant on a 24" chain with a 26mm Peruvian glazed ceramic hand dingling from it. Just don't let it near your pumpkin!
Have a great weekend, all!

Thursday, October 14, 2010

Catchin' Up On The Haps At Two Dog Pond

I might have accidently ordered 400 (YES! 400!!) of these ceramic hands... Finished up another upcycled bracelet from brass, copper and vintage tins...
Fused a great pile of cabochons - still sitting on my worktable to be turned into pendants...

Entertained our great-nieces and nephew while their Mom had back surgery. The girls made a bouquet of paper flowers - note the ones made from music sheets? Very cute.

Rumple sat on the pontoon float watching the kids fishing last night....
gained back 6 pounds.

Monday, October 11, 2010

Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest - Trick or Treat Style

Since we're getting so close to such a fun holiday, I thought a wacky little Halloween image would be fun for the Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest! This is one of my favorites... look at those great jack-o-lanterns! and just what is that boy supposed to be dressed up as? This images screams for glitter, right? Anyway - the contest is simple - you make comments here on what you think would be a good saying/quote/word/etc for this image. On Friday a lucky winner will be chosen and rewarded with a soldered glass pendant on a 24" chain just in time to wear for the two weeks of Halloween!
The Autumn Antique Market on Saturday was fabulous. I met lots of wonderful customers, sold lots of jewelry, licked an acorn (admit it, you're curious what they taste like too) and even picked up a new wholesale customer. Welcome to Esthercita's in Seward, a brand new boutique (located in the old Ficken's Bar, where my friends and I spent our college evenings studying many years ago...) AND - Rumple's original momma stopped by - It was a great day! Thank you to EVERYONE who stopped through!!

Friday, October 8, 2010

This Week's Winner - Not HOW, but WHY

First I have to say welcome to all the newbies that played this week. Holy Cow you are all clever! Thank you for playing, and please come back again - we play every week and just all crack ourselves up.

That being said - the winner this week is the incredibly talented Esther at Emakesart with her suggestion of "The HOW is not important... it's the WHY you should be concerned with." ahhhh haaaaa. Sit and contemplate that on a pole. I like it.

Miss Emakesart, please e-mail me your address and I will mail you your winning pendant on a 24" ball chain. Wear it with pride!
I just have to make this tiny observation.... Absolutely no one made a reference to being high. Isn't that strange? OK - So here's mine: "She used to get high with her friends. She still does, but she used to too."
AND - no one said anything about underpants. OK - So here's mine: "HEY! You cannot see my underpants! I'm not wearing any!!!"
Is my maturity level starting to show?

Thursday, October 7, 2010


Yesterday, my Hooker Friend Judy came over to pick up some Hooker (rug hooker) necklaces for a Hook-In this weekend. We had a discussion about motivation and making what you need to make vs. what you want to make.... in the end, Judy said "Sometimes you have to do what you have to do. So put on your big girl panties and get over there and solder. You can learn to make new stuff later." So I finished making these fall themed stained glass and a few fused glass pieces.......then finished up my "Kill Bill" "Kill Gill" "Kill Will" and "Kill Phil" necklaces... there's a story with each one, but none of them are about real people, in case you are wondering or worried... I have on my 'big girl panties' and am ready to solder a gajillion pendants!
Thanks Judy! Sometimes I just need a kick in the butt.

Monday, October 4, 2010

Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest - It's Up in the Air

Welcome to the Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest where you make comments and win a prize! This week's image just screams for snarkiness, doesn't it? Or is that the voices in my head?...
Anyway - leave a comment here on what you think would make a good caption for this wonderful old postcard image and on Friday a winner will be chosen by whatever group is assembled in the Two Dog Pond Studio/Sweatshop. "What will I win?" you ask... Why its a lovely soldered glass pendant on a 24" ball chain shipped right to your door.
Thanks for stopping by - enter as often as you wish - I live for clever comments.

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Here's Where I'll Be Next Saturday

Fall in Nebraska can be absolutely Beautiful or it can be a wet and snowy mess. Luckily, the weather is supposed to be PERFECT for a Festival. Come on over to the Liberty House in Seward. I'll have lots of new jewelry... bring your friends and buy each other presents!

Saturday, October 2, 2010

This Week's Winner - Got the Blues

Congratulations to Miss Lorelei Lane! You are this week's Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest Winner. Miss Lane submitted "Even Cowgirls Get The Blues" and won. On day One. She Won.
I apologize that I didn't get to this yesterday, but my husband and I were out of town for a couple days...I can't tell you where because we took such a double-secret tour that we had to show our ID's and wear badges! For us "country folk" that's big stuff. They wouldn't even let us take guns in there!! Can you believe it?!
Anyway - I apologize for making you hold your breath so long to find out who this week's winner is. Miss Lorelei Lane, please e-mail me ( your mailing address and I will mail you your winning pendant on a 24" ball chain. Yeeha!