Saturday, September 29, 2012

Nebraska Junk Jaunt

 My husband and I just got back from the Nebraska Junk Jaunt. It's still going on and will be tomorrow too. We left Friday morning and didn't see even half of what was out there. It's over 300 miles of yard sales, estate sales, junk... 
 buckets of buckles...

 We started in Cairo and could have spent the day there. We did see Hobbin and Julie there,  but headed North on Hwy 2 because I knew I'd see them next weekend at the Liberty House Fall Market Festival...
 Look at this beautiful label dispenser shelf cabinet thing.
 Part of my stash...
 Part of Tim's stash.
 More of my stash:
 Still more.
 The boots and leather jacket are for Larry and Kira... look at that jacket!
It was a fun time - we ended up in Broken Bow... next year we'll take the North Route and end up in Burwell. Either way - it's cowboy country out there, and they have some good junk. We drove 375 miles!
I do have an award I would like to present. It's for the WORST ad in the Junk Jaunt Shopper Guide:
Joe of Hazard, Next year you might want to reword your ad:
"Fill Your Trunk With Joe's Junk" kept us laughing all day. Thank you.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

It's Been Mostly Custom Work Lately

 A spoon pendant with a sterling "banner" soldered on, rivets and a sweet sterling heart on the back side...

 Voting for the right candidate...
Lots of TV pendants resined up for the holiday boutiques!

Thursday, September 20, 2012

I Can See Clearly Now

 Last week I picked up a bag full of these curtain rings and after a conversation about turning your own photos into viewmaster discs, decided that it would be fun to use slides for the images... then after thinking that if I use the slides, then that's the end of the slides, I thought about transparencies and how I could print "slides"... then I thought about how much more interesting boxing bunnies are than travel slides from the Garden of the Gods.
 My first attempt at filling the rings with ice resin was a disaster. It all leaked right out... I read somewhere that flypaper was the answer as it's stickier than packing tape. Perhaps it is, it's also far more disgusting to get off your fingers and everywhere it touches...and it still leaked.
 I finally figured it out - the solution involved placing a heavy board (and two large atlases) on top of the rings while the first layer of resin cured.
 The rings are now curing quietly relatively drip-free and fly-free.
Meanwhile - I also bought this cool table for displaying jewelry in my shop. Judy from Gatherings came over and taught Suzy and I how to distress the piece to make it look this beautiful. Suzy was here on vacation from Denver... isn't that nice of me? Invite friends for a vacation and then make them refinish furniture? Ha.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Few New Pieces

 Turkey feathers and rutilated quartz. The feather has a beautiful sheen.
 Pounded and riveted silverware.
 Bless Your Soul.

 Soldered and stamped pendants
Did you know that if you can't find the cord to attach your camera to your computer and you spend days looking for it, it's probably still attached to your computer? Seems it's true.