Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Now Is The Time

 This Saturday - at the Liberty House in Seward from 9-5pm - I will be selling my inventory of soldered glass pendants at HALF PRICE!!!
 All of them? YES!!!
 I've decided not to carry a huge inventory of soldered glass pendants anymore...I've been making them since 2004, and now want to focus on your custom items instead... like pendants of your sweet babies, and your beautiful grandchildren...
 I will still be making soldered glass pendants as they are ordered, but just not carry such a large inventory of them.
Even these wonderful round pendants will be half price!!

Monday, August 19, 2013

Red Path Gallery

Recently a new and amazing Art Gallery and Tasting Room opened in Seward.
It's called Red Path Gallery.
 I do have a few jewelry items in the gallery - 

 The building was built in 1886 and was originally a bank. Look at the lovely vault in Melissa's Studio...
 This is my space...
 Below are some of the stained glass feathers I've been making exclusively for the gallery.
 There's an amazing collection of art at the gallery. An eclectic group of artists, really.  - please visit the Red Path Gallery Facebook Page to see more... then stop by and have a glass of wine! Tell them Rachel sent you!

Sunday, August 4, 2013

The Fire Pit

Ever since we moved to Two Dog Pond I've wanted a fire pit. Tim isn't as much of a pyromaniac as me, so if I wanted one I needed to build it. Today was the day for that....

Step One: go look at every stone option in town. Ask how many it takes to make a circle and then use whatever number you think is right. Te correct answer is twelve.

On the driveway, lay them out in a circle and measure the diameter.

Haul all your shovels and a can of spray paint and a couple of bricks and a level to the site.
Since you know the diameter of the fire pit, tie a string around a can of spray paint and then spray a circle the size of your fire pit...
Start digging! This is the point where I realized that my paint circle was way too big. 

Try to make it level. Or not...

First layer down..
Second layer down...
Dump in all the pea gravel...

Add the third layer and you are done.