Friday, February 27, 2009

"Sisters In Spirit" Winner Week 18

Congratulations to the blogless Kathy S for her entry of "Sisters In Spirit"! You are this weeks pendant winner - and this weeks pendant is a roundish bauble, about 1.25", with three glass beads dangling from the bottom. E-mail me your address, Kathy S, and I will mail you your pendant. There were again lots of great entries, but "Sisters In Spirit" appealed to the Two Dog Pond Sweatshop workers the most this morning. Thank you to everyone who submitted an entry.
AND - we had our first customer in the Shop at Two Dog Pond - Jan and her husband Pastor Scott stopped by this morning for some gifts for friends and earrings for Jan. The Shop is far from being done, but shoppable. Thank you, Jan, for ignoring the mess!

"Our Lady of Two Dog Pond"
My apologies for the lateness in getting this posted - we were having internet issues and this morning had the wireless antennae replaced...That has nothing to do with this photo.

Tuesday, February 24, 2009

Remodel Project Phase I

Don't freak out, but this is where I work... It's in the walkout basement of our home. I've decided that I should A) clean up my work space and B) create a nicer environment for the Two Dog Pond Sweatshop Employees {whoops, I'm all out of those right now} and C) create a little space for people to come shop without getting cuts and burns.
Above is my computer/printer/soldering/grinder/fake brick wall painted to look like a fake fireplace in Santa's Village and unfinished projects...
Phase I - Painted the 'brick' white (like vanilla ice cream), and the short wall Fudge. Replaced the light fixture with spot lights. This is where the 'shop' will be. The other wall, the one with windows, is a caramel color...sense a theme?
It's a disater area around here, but I'm making progress. I'm setting up stations for different tasks (grinding, fusing, soldering, office), but I just keep staring at the freshly painted, clean, uncluttered area where the shop will be.... the rest of the studio looks like a tornado went through a bookstore, headed into Home Depot and then to Michaels. Now it's time to work on some orders that are due today....

Monday, February 23, 2009

Necklace Contest - Week 18

It's Monday and that means it's time for a new image for the Two Dog Pond Make a Comment ~ Win a Necklace Contest. I can't remember where I snagged this image, and honestly - all I did was intensify the color...

The official contes rules are posted on the side - but are quite simple: You have all week to come up with a clever word/saying/quote for the back side of this image. Something that you would love to wear, and that will appeal to the masses when I take it to art festivals, trunk shows etc. If your clever suggestion is chosen on Friday as the Best Comment of the Week, I will send you a soldered glass pendant.
My sister just sent me this picture. Did you notice that Mickey Rourke was wearing a soldered glass pendant last night at the Oscars? It was a picture of his beloved dog that passed away this week. How cool is that (necklace, not the dead dog part)? I didn't make that one - but I could have if he would have just asked...I'm pretty sure that he paid more than $10 for his - Hey Mickey, next time call on me!!

Friday, February 20, 2009

My Split Personality Means Two Winners

I was torn. Jennifer's (of the Loony Ladybug) entry of "Princess Pissy Pants" appeals to my 'snarky' side (Thank you to Tina a fellow solderer from Texas who said "I'm feelin' snarky..." and that stuck in my head all week. I love that) and Joyce's (from A Perfect Beginning) entry of "Every grey day has its pink moment" appeals to my 'sappy' side. That's the side that sells more pendants. I really enjoy the sassy comments the most - loved T Lee's "This is my happy face" - and Erika's "S.M.C", and while it's extremely fun to watch people's expressions and giggles when they come across these sassy pendants in my pendant trays, the sappy ones outsell them 6:1. Congratulations to Jennifer and to Joyce - you WIN!! E-mail me your address and I'll send you your necklace. AND - everyone else - go to Joyce's blog - it's her birthday next week and she is having a humongous give-a-way event to celebrate! Happy Birthday Joyce!
I also appreciate the "pink" - as we all have at least one friend, sister, mother, daughter or other that has/had breast cancer. This is for them. Love ya Suzy!

Thursday, February 19, 2009

Sidetracking My Brain

OK - there are tons of things I should be doing, but look at how fun this is! Another great idea from Craft Magazine - They used cereal boxes, I used a six-pack container, an old Australian Calendar, and a Bruegel Print (it's no wonder I had to take Art History twice in college...I just wanted to make crafts). Anyway - they used them for business card, or tiny notecards - I am having some business card size notes printed like this to stick in them:

For complete instructions including a PDF of the pattern, go to .
Be Careful - you'll get sucked in and ignore what you should be doing...

Monday, February 16, 2009

Week Seventeen - Necklace Contest Right Here

Welcome to Week Seventeen of the "Two Dog Pond Make a Comment~Win a Necklace Contest". The contest 'rules' are stated on the sidebar. It's easy...I am going to make a soldered glass pendant necklace using this image on the front side - you get to brainstorm here what should go on the backside. Enter as many times as you would like. Disclaimer: Your odds of winning are somewhat diminished if you recently won. We like to spread the love.

Friday, February 13, 2009

Week Sixteen Winner is MARYLEAH

Congratulations to Leah and Mary! I know. I know. I said just one winner, but I like this both Miss Mary and Miss Leah are winners. Mary's suggestion of "Now is the time to think only of one thing - that which I was born for." from the Old Man and the Sea is on the back of the pendant. Leah's suggestion of "when in doubt - seek help" is on an inspirational word pendant - but - I left it Sea Kelp because that cracks me up. Like "Whirled Peas" cracks me up. Send me your address, Miss Mary ( and I will mail you your necklace. {Leah won recently, so I have hers...clever girl.} There were other really good suggestions too: "Kelp Farmer" from Vanessa. "Empty Netter" from Tracey. "Kelp Wanted" from La Feroce Bete - T Lee had lots and more...thanks to all of you for playing - come back Monday for Week Seventeen!
Thank you also for the words of encouragement re: my previous post on being on hold all freaking morning long... it was totally my mistake, I booked my trip for February 5-9, when I meant March 5-9. The airline customer service person told me I was the nicest customer she had ever talked to - BUT - the fees for changing the ticket were more than what they could refund me. The hotel part of the package refunded me 100%. They know I'll re-book for March because now I totally respect and possibly love them. The telemarketing boy in India still insists that I was on the plane last week to Seattle....oh well.

Please Hold - There is a Slight Delay

The winner of this week's contest will be chosen shortly. Meanwhile, Rachel is attempting to straighten out a HUGE mistake she made with Travelocity who insists that she boarded a flight to Seattle last week. Please Hold. Please Hold. Please Hold while we play the absolute most annoying music in the history of the world. Please hold... this morning sucks so far.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

Upcycle Your Sweater

For Christmas, my very thoughtful step-children gave me a subscription to Craft Magazine. I love it! I've made the mistake of reading it over and over before I go to sleep and then I can't sleep because there are so many new things I want to learn to do. This week I tried felting. I had an old wool sweater I bought at etc. (the local thrift shop) for $3. I washed it in the hottest setting on my washing machine and then dried it on the hottest setting on my drying machine. I neglected to take photos of the before and after so picture this - before: "that sweater is way too big for you - but looks quite comfortable". after: "is that thick sweater for a 5-year old?" First thing I made was two potholders: There was enough sweater left to make a purse! The strap and sides are the ribbed bottom part of the sweater. I simply blanket stitched it all together and added a vintage button. There's a little cell phone pocket on the back side - it's kind of floppy, and probably needs something to to stiffen it up - like a stack of $50 bills....
Go rummage through your husband's 100% wool sweater and make yourself a bag and some matching potholders.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Moxie Contest

Leah, over at Moxie Photo and Design, is having a contest. Hurry - hurry! - I mean it! it ends today at noon! Here's what she said: "come up with a short saying/quip/verse and comment on this post. i will pick the one i like best and make my magnet with it. the author of the saying i choose will get 3 free postcards from my collection. easy peasy and fun too! enter as many times as you wish. hurry, entries accepted until noon wednesday (2/11/09)."

Monday, February 9, 2009

Week Sixteen - Necklace Contest

This one is a tough one - but a really great image complements of Deb from Lifescapes. It's an old Penney Postcard titled "Sea Kelp". Deb is on the East coast which explains why the old man is facing East, what he's doing is beyond that makes the contest even more fun! The rules are simple - suggest a phrase, word, very short story or quote that would be appropriate for the back side of this image to be turned into a pendant. On Friday, the owner of the winning entry will be chosen and they will win a free necklace! For complete rules, see the blurb to the East. This should help with the cabin-fever, winter-time blues, nothin-to-do-outside-so-I'll make a Mug-o-Cake and eat it all myself behavior some of us have been exhibiting....

Friday, February 6, 2009

Congratulations to Colorado Lady

Miss Colorado (aka Coloradolady)- you should be so proud of yourself. This week's contest held some fierce competition and yet your entry of "You fill my heart with Love" took the grand prize. This necklace makes a perfect gift on so many levels - I love it. You could give it to your mother, sister, child, friend, love, wiener dog....almost anyone! Miss Colorado, please e-mail me ( your address and I will mail this out to you just in time for Valentines Day.
Thanks to everyone who entered - there were lots of great suggestions. Next week's image will be a fun challenge - Deb of Lifescapes sent me a stack of the greatest old postcards - she is so nice - and there is one in there that is perfect for getting the braincicles thawed out - start thinking "Sea Kelp".....

Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Paying It Forward

This is Charmaine ~ High Desert Diva. She's an amazing designer, writer, photographer, seller of divine antiquities, friend. Last week she was the recipient of a Pay It Forward from Chelsea ~ Eighty Eight Words. Please read about it here. Chelsea recently found out she was going to be the lucky recipient of a brand-spankin'-new MacBook (gratis).
So - Chelsea, as her Pay It Forward, created a beautiful new blog header for Charmaine. Chelsey has an etsy shop with cool cool jewelry, I admiringly envy her talent....anyway,
Charmaine, being an extremely generous person, chose me {heart skips a beat} as the recipient of her Pay It Forward. She sent me a beautifully decorated box filled with the coolest little slumped glass tiles. She might as well have sent me a box of magical wishes - I am so excited! Seriously~I can't sleep because they are in my studio calling for me to come and create things with them. It was such a thoughtful thing to do - so perfect.
Thank you Charmaine. I love them. In fact - I love them so much I think they love me back.
I, too, will Pay It Forward....

Tuesday, February 3, 2009

You're Never Too Young...

It was great fun to have great-nieces and nephews around this past weekend. One of the highlights was Ryan wanting to make a hat on the loom. He was watching Auntie Rachel and Miss Mady making hats, and decided he wanted to also. So he did. Ryan is now ready to join the Two Dog Pond Sweatshop. Yes - my own obsession with making hats continues - perhaps once I open my shop {inside the sweatshop} I will even sell one!

Sunday, February 1, 2009

Week Fifteen - Necklace Contest

It's a Valentine's Day related image - BUT -you don't have to limit your comments to Valentine's Day. It would be just plain wrong to stifle your creativity with those kind of holiday-induced parameters. Contest rules are posted on the sidebar - paraphrased: make a comment, win a necklace! I swear that there will be just one winner this week - so if you are stumped for an award winning comment but would like to 'vote' for someone elses amazingly clever entry, feel free because it's a really tough decision to make by myself....