Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Seriously Beautiful Morning

...this is why I love where we are. This morning I took the camera with me when I went to do my chickenish chores and this is some of what I saw. Life could not be any sweeter!

{OK - if I could lose 15 pounds - then it would be even sweeter. }
{and maybe if my studio would magically clean itself....}
{and if the smell in the kitchen from me trying to fry Pioneer Woman's Zucchini Patties would just dissipate...}

Monday, July 21, 2008

A Few New Things

Tiny Little Note Cards {Vintage Maps and Glitter}

I haven't been entirely lying around enjoying my meds, I've done a little bit of work between naps...

Hey - Quit taking my organs!

Must be time to get back to work - I'm out of pain meds. {My sister sent me this clever card...}

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Key to Success

Doing what you love.

I am quite successful according to this criteria.


Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Most Excellent Day

The Fourth of July at the Liberty House was Excellent. Perfect weather, tons of nice people, I got to set up right by Leah and Aunt Patty from Liberty House put us in a fabulous location. Special Thanks to everyone who stopped by and chatted or purchased a necklace or earrings or the cool green mirror or anything else! You are all wonderful! Thanks for helping me to live my dream.
The earrings above are from the new brass collection I'm making. The hanging candle holders are made from bedsprings, telephone insulators and vintage chandelier crystals. I collected the makings in several states and LOVE the way they turned out.

Wednesday, July 2, 2008

Lesson Learned

I feel that it's my civic duty to share this lesson with anyone that takes photos. If you are going to lay in the grass and take photos of puppies {no matter how adorable they are} it's a good idea to spray your entire body with bug spray, not just your arms and legs. Thank your lucky stars that I am posting a photo of Rumple and not the itchy red chigger {pronounce 'jigger' in these here parts} bites covering my entire torsoe.

More New Charms

Front and back of the "Poison" charms. Who doesn't want to wear a warning?
"Nevermore" by Edgar A. Poe ~ sparkly wings and crowns.
Tarot card images by "Pinky" as seen in the San Diego Museum of Art
"Happy Day" charm front and back with three {yes, THREE} kinds of glitter on the crown.
Spooky Little Owl under beveled glass ~ and just 3/4" big

Tuesday, July 1, 2008

Getting Ready for the Fourth of July

Friday is the Fourth of July...I'll be at the Liberty House out on the lawn in my tent...come out and see me! I'm trying to get lots of soldered charms done. The one below is my new favorite. I'm really loving adding brass - and putting patina on the charms - there will be lots of new images too - I've even done some collaging - ooohhhh.


Is it the dog days of summer yet? This is as close as Reese lets Rumple get to him anymore after all the tail-pulling and face-yipping. Reese is beautiful, but crabby. AND - the hay was baled (bailed?) this morning...can you smell that?