Friday, July 31, 2009

Peace, Baby

This morning, as we all sat drinking our coffee and tea, we discussed all of the entries for this week's contest. Lots of good ones, and everyone had different opinions on what it should be, but it came down to Willow's entry of "Peace, Baby". Everyone agreed it's a winner!
Willow, please send me your mailing address and I will send you your pendant - and - Congratulations!!!
Peace, Baby.

Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Follow Your Dreams

Recently I was commissioned by one of my Patron-Saint-Customers to make them a necklace - "something they would love". That makes me crazy - so I decided to 'sleep on it' rather than sweat about it....that night I dreampt about this necklace (interestingly, that next morning was when I received the comment from Jenny that she, too, was having dreams about necklaces...)
Anyway - the past couple days I've been putting it together when I need a break from soldered glass pendants...I'll have to make another {neater} one for my customer, but here is the first draft. Tell me honestly what you think....
It has a glass bauble soldered in the middle of a piece of etched copper. The word "Dreams" is stamped on a piece of sterling silver which is riveted on the inside and shows through the bauble...
Lots of rocks and doo-dads.
"Dreams Are The Window Of The Soul"

Monday, July 27, 2009

Excuse Number 216

People around here think I'm nuts, I'm sure. When I take walks I take along a big walking stick. It's to protect myself from squirrels, bunnies and toads. So this morning I'm looking out the window to see if its good walking weather and quickly decided my stick isn't going to protect me this morning - so I'm skipping the walk. How would you like to have this family of Longhorns come up behind you while you're strolling down the road?

...just taking their babies for a walk.

It's giving me Blogger Butt.

Necklace Contest - Week 40

This image has everything a person could ask for...sweet child, a bird, a flower, neutral's just lovely. AND it's this week's necklace contest image. Make a comment with a suggestion for what you think should be on the back of this image. It can be sweet/snarky/inspirational whatever you think you would like to have on the back if you were going to wear it. On Friday a winner will be chosen and will be rewarded with a soldered glass pendant on a chain to wear proudly.
Jenny S from the Red Bulletin Board left a comment that she had a dream about a Two Dog Pond Necklace - Jenny, Is this even close to what you dreamt?

Friday, July 24, 2009

Miss Mary Wins The Wine (pendant)

After rendering everyone speechless for two days, it became clear that Mary's comment of "Toucan Wine Better Than One" was not only intimidatingly clever, but just downright cute. Thanks to all who played. Mary - don't forget to e-mail me your address so I can mail you the bird! (

Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Morning At Two Dog Pond

I took Rumple for a long walk this morning. He loves that - except for the part where I have a heart attack if a vehicle passes us (which is rarely) because he tries to bite the tires....idiot.
He also loves to bounce through the much for fresh beans.

"ducks in a row" The are just visiting after last night's storm.
This is last night's storm....what's that thing called coming out of the sky? It's not a tornado - it wasn't it a water spout or does that only happen on the sea?

I wasn't really worried until the horses took off running - they only do that if it's going to get bad.
I did darken the photo below a bit to show the storm coming in...
Nothing bad happened....except I ran out of wine.

Fun Stuff At Two Dog Pond

Tuesday several of the women that were at the first Fine Silver Workshop came back and we worked from 9am-10pm... The fire extinguisher came out after I caught the carpet on fire, but before the wine...
some small charms....bad photo...both cameras were going dead.

Shelley's pendants.

Carolyn's pendants

Norma's Necklace.
Wednesday evening I went to collect eggs and pick beans and took a view photos on my newly charged camera batteries....

The view from the Chicken House

Two Dog Pond Vineyard

Birdhouse Gourd Blossoms

Freaking crop duster dusting the neighbors fields right after I hung sheets on the clothes line.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meet Poonie

This is Poonie.
The fabulous Chris, from Kate Spike's Spot lives with Poonie and a host of other wonderful animals. There are several things that make Poonie special: A. he has his own blog, Two Cee A Tees . Chris helps him write it, but he dictates what goes in it. B. He's mean. C. He looks exactly like our old cat, Bob, who was mean. D. He says mean things. E. The mean things he says and does are hysterically funny.
Let me give you an example: Chris recently bought a Bingo bracelet from my etsy site. I was trying to be nice and sent along an extra Bingo Button to hang on Poonie's collar. Pets like to look like their owners, right? Evidently not. Here is what Poonie had Chris write back to me:
"Tell that Nebraska wench that I don't wear a collar. The very idea! Humph!" then Boo (another cat that Poonie allows to live with Chris) said he'd love to wear a collar especially one with rhinestones, and Poonie thought that was a great idea since then he could twist the collar and strangle Boo. Boo called Poonie an unrepeatable kitty cuss name and went to bed.
Sometimes I make my husband sit and read Poonie's blog and we both are laughing our heads off within 2 minutes. It's the best blog ever. If you have never visited Poonie - go now. If you get your feelings hurt easily, don't leave a comment - BUT if you think you can take the heat, tell him Rumple sent you.

If nothing else, go read what Poonie thinks about the neighbors letting potential dinners run around the neighborhood....then tell Chris she should be writing chilren's books. GO HERE

Monday, July 20, 2009

Necklace Contest - Week 39

Something completely different this time. I love this image - probably the grape leaves - and would love to have a pendant made from it with a lovely saying on the back side, wouldn't you? Just enter a saying/word/thought/quote for the back side and if your suggestion is the winning suggestion when we choose on Friday, you will win a necklace!
Did you notice that the week number is jumping ahead? I went and counted them all and we're really on contest number 39...
Last Friday, Shelley and I had a great time wandering around through Ashland, Lincoln, Waverly and James Arthur Vineyards...but, being the bad blogger that I am, I forgot my camera! I can't even post a photo of the nice young man that turned around on the highway to come back and change my flat tire! Thank you. You were so kind to help two women old enough to be your mother so they could get on to the winery and taste some fabulous wines - your mother would be proud.

Friday, July 17, 2009

Winner! And She's a Real Mermaid

It was a no brainer to decide on the winner this week - there were lots of good suggestions, but a real mermaid? So - the winner is... Mermaids of the Lake with the suggestion of "The Water's Fine. Wish you were here." Let me know what your mailing address is and I will send off your necklace. Notice the cute little pewter mermaid? Bonus!!
And now my friend Shelley and I are off for the day to tour a chocolate factory, shop in a cute little festival town, and then head for a winery. "We'll have fun. Wish you were here!"

Monday, July 13, 2009

The Necklace Contest - Week 37

This week's pendant image is from an old postcard from Florida ~ one of those clubs where you could have a cocktail and watch mermaids swim in a giant aquarium behind the bar. But - these aren't mermaids....they have wings. and yellow tights. This is more like one of those bizarre dreams you have after eating too much pickled herring on New Years Eve...
Anyway - the contest is this: Make a comment as to what you would like to see on the back side of this image. Enter often. Think about it all week and every time something clever pops in your head - run to your computer and enter it here. Friday the winning comment will be chosen and the winner will receive a soldered glass pendant of this image with their comment on the back side hanging on a lovely 24" ball chain. Complete rules are on the sidebar.
...and yes, I'll have a double dirty Absolute Martini with lemon, please.

Friday, July 10, 2009

Thursday's Visitors to Two Dog Pond

Members of the Nebraska State Tourism Division, the Lincoln Visitor's Bureau, Snitily Carr Marketing and Seward County Visitor's Commission came out to Two Dog Pond as part of their first Seward County Familiarization Tour hosted by the Seward Chamber of Commerce. I was so nervous about them coming out that I forgot to turn on the oven to bake them some cookies -- it always takes longer that way. The Oatmeal~Craisin~Chocolate Chip Cookies were pretty ding-dang good... and a good way to distract the group from my nervousness.

Special thanks to Pat Coldiron for arranging the tour! The group also visited the Liberty House in Seward; Prairie Spirit, BC Town Square and the Hardware Store in Beaver Crossing; and Gatherings on the Blue in Milford.

Your Friends Will Get It Even if No One Else Does

This week's winner is T Lee with her entry of "My Friends Will Get It". Further proof that we all need to surround ourselves with the people that understand and love us despite of who we are or how we dress. So - out of curiousity, if you knew this guy was going to come to your party dressed like this, would you still invite him?

Congratulations, T Lee! Your necklace is in the mail and on it's way to your house. Wear it with pride - and if you have some Hammer Pants, put them on too.

Thanks to everyone who played! Come back again on Monday and we'll do it again.

Have a great weekend!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Takin' A Field Trip To Two Dog Pond!

Yesterday, the most delightful family from Arizona and Nebraska came to visit The Shop at Two Dog Pond.
We made custom pendants for the girls, and a bullet necklace for Reed; toured the 'vineyard' and visited the chickens.
If you would like to come and shop, please just e-mail me {} to arrange a time. We would love to have you.

"The Shop at Two Dog Pond"

Tuesday, July 7, 2009

Dog Training - Two Dog Pond Style

Rumple was jumping all over everyone the other night ~ especially my pregnant niece, Jackie. I thought perhaps a leash would be a good way to keep him down. He's never had one on before. least he sat still for a photo...
He must have perceived the leash as a punishment because he immediately looked so sad.

I encouraged him to take a walk with me...
not gonna do it.

Have you ever seen anything so pitiful?
We were all giggling our heads off.

Monday, July 6, 2009

The Necklace Contest - Week 36

Here's a bizarre old postcard image - just perfect for a pendant!
It's a simple contest, really...just make a comment with a suggestion for the backside of this image. It can be a word, a quote, a sentance or a saying. It could even be a number - but you won't win if you suggest a number.... Anyway - on Friday a winner will be chosen and will receive a pendant featuring this image with their suggestion on the back side hanging from a lovely 24" ball chain. Need more info on the contest? Look on the sidebar for complete 'rules'.
My apologies if this is a photo of one of your relatives. And my sympathies....
I think this guy was in my booth at the 4th of July Antiques and Arts sale this weekend. He was freakin' me out. Everyone else was wonderful! I saw lots of people I hadn't for a long while, met lots of new people - including a relative I didn't know I had, had a couple of Patron Saint Buyers (thank you thank you) and lots of happy people. It was a great day!
Thank you to everyone who stopped by - I couldn't do it without you!
OK. Now you can enter the contest....

Friday, July 3, 2009

Last Week's Winning Necklace

In the words of Larry the Cable Guy "I don't care who you are, that's funny." This is funny. Very Funny. Funny with a capital F, Funny. Thank you to Danita Warren for this great pendant idea! Danita - send me your address {} and I'll send you your winning Darwinistic Pendant.

Wednesday, July 1, 2009

In Loving Memory

Reese passed away this weekend of very very very old age.
We'll miss him terribly, but have great memories tucked in our hearts.
Reese was Kira and Eliot's puppy - He grew up to be the best dog ever. We'll miss you Reese.