Monday, March 30, 2009

Necklace Contest - Week 23

Here's a nice Spring image, just perfect for a pendant!
Here's the contest - you enter a quote, phrase, word, etc that you think would be just perfect on the back side of this image. If your entry is selected on Friday as the 'perfect' backside, you win a necklace! The complete rules are on the side bar for anyone who likes to play by the rules.
Don't forget to stop by Bliss Farm Antiques and enter the drawing there for three fabulouso prizes. She has some beautiful things...more on that on a later post.

Sunday, March 29, 2009

Experiments With Glass

I've been experimenting with the glass that Charmaine, The High Desert Diva, gave me as a Pay It Forward. You can see the story here.

My favorite thing to do with the glass is to fuse it...and my favorite 'design' so far is a heart. Sort of an "Oh. Is that a heart?" heart. I sprinkle on the frit (crushed up red glass - COE 90) and shape it into hearts. Then I put it in my kiln and fire it up... hours later the magic appears:

...and then I turn them into pendants like this:

I'm going to have some of these made up for the "First Friday Art Walk" in Lincoln, Nebraska this coming Friday. I'll be at the Pleasant View Art Gallery having a Trunk Show. AND - it was mentioned in today's paper. Please come see me and have some lovely refreshements and then tour the rest of the Art Galleries in the Haymarket and University areas of Lincoln.
Here Are a couple of Before and After Closeups:

Friday, March 27, 2009

The Winners - Week Twenty Two Necklace Contest

Don't you just love both of these winning quotes?
Cheryl, From The Pines, wins a necklace with her clever quote of "You can't get there from here". Wrap your brain around that one for a bit...
The sisters from the Summer Kitchen Interiors win with their Grandpa's quote of "Cable was different for kids back in my day." You gotta love Grandpas!
Congratulations, ladies!! Send me your mailing addresses and I'll send you your necklaces!
Thanks again to all you clever entrants - come back and play again next week... the fun just never ends at Two Dog Pond.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Rumple's Eye.:.Hail.:.Eggs

They're all round and hard to ignore.
Rumple has one blue eye and one brown eye.
About an hour ago we had some thunderstorms go through - complete with eye-ball sized hail.
Yesterday I was making scrambled eggs, and I swear they smiled at me!

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Necklace Contest - Week Twenty Two

Hello, fellow travelers! It's Niece Justine reporting from Two Dog Pond. It's my pleasure, as a necklace winner myself, to bring you Necklace Contest - Week Twenty Two. (And just so there's no illusions of favoritism, Rachel didn't know for sure that it was me when I won.) The contest rules are in the right-hand column. And, on a side note, at Two Dog Pong, life really is good! You should come visit Rumple, Reese, all the Mildreds and that wild and crazy rooster. And while you're here be sure to check out all of the gorgeous and clever jewelry!

Friday, March 20, 2009

No Animals Were Harmed For This Post

We have a mean rooster named Cocky Rocky. He only attacks me, no one else. This morning when I went to do "Chica Chores" he attacked me again, to which I maturely replied while backing out the door, "You want a piece of me?" and he promptly flew right out the door at me! We don't usually let the chickens roam free because of the dogs, coyotes, skunks, etc. around here, but I'll make an exception for a mean rooster. Reese and Rumple came to see what the commotion was all about....Reese ate the eggs right out of the basket while Rumple went to test Rocky...
Rocky didn't like it. See how he gets all puffed up? Now imagine that flying at you trying to peck your eyes out!

Truce. Why won't that ding-dang rooster do that to me?

Jacque - You WIN!

Jacque, of Old Soul Studios, is the big winner of the Week 21 Two Dog Pond necklace contest! Her entry of "Where there is a will, there is a way" is perfect. OK, ladies - now in the words of Queen - "Get on your Ostrich and ride" - perhaps they used the word bike, but who cares? Just do it!! Thank you for the inspiration, Jacque. Go check out her blog - she's getting married to a flamingo-head, she has a beer-drinking dog, a silver bullet camper, and is quite creative! She must live by her quote. Jacque - congratulations and please send me your address ( so I can mail you your shiny new necklace!
There were so many great entries again this week - it's always so hard to choose just one winner, but I have to! Otherwise I won't get the 60 Elvis necklaces done by Tuesday for the Methodist Fundraiser...doesn't that crack you up?

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Life Is Short...

I'm doing a series of "LIFE IS SHORT..." word pendants.
I've come up with just a few (shown above) and could use some more ideas.
Do you have any suggestions? I would love love love to hear them (and use them too)!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Week Twenty One - Necklace Contest

Here she is - one of my very favorite images. The contest rules are posted there {I'm bobbing my head to the right} but really quite simple. Enter as many times as you would like by submitting a word/phrase/quote for the backside of a soldered glass pendant of this image. On Friday I (and anyone else that's here at the Two Dog Pond Sweatshop) will choose a winner who will promptly be sent the winning necklace. It's fun and easy! And heck, who doesn't want to wear a lady riding an ostrich pendant!

Friday, March 13, 2009

Justine Debunks the Myth

This weeks contest photo was actually a part of a photo. I just used the man and his three wee little dogs. Justine's entry of "More is more" made me see the man with only one wee little dog and a cigarette and decide to use him also, because Justine is right. Less is not more. More is more.
Congratulations, Justine! E-mail me your address and I will send you a necklace!
PS I noticed there is nothing on your you have something to blog about - because in the blogging universe - "More is More" - for the most part... unless I ramble on and on here - then we'll all agree that "Less is More".
Thanks to everyone who entered the contest this week - And - for all the great Hooker Comments!
<...::Justine just sent me her address~turns out this Justine is my own beautiful niece from Los Angeles and she and her husband are coming to Two Dog Pond next weekend!! Yahoo!::...>

Thursday, March 12, 2009

The Hookers Are in Town

There are a large group of "Hookers" in town - as in women who hook primitive style wool rugs - and Judy, from The Gatherings, asked me to make a bunch of necklaces for her shop. Thought you might get a kick out of some of these. Any other suggestions?
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Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Week Twenty - Necklace Contest, Two Dog Pond Style

Right on the heels of Week Nineteen, here comes the Two Dog Pond Week Twenty Necklace Contest Image. I'm jet-lagged, so read the contest rules off to the side to avoid any confusion. This week there will be one winner chosen on Friday! Just don't say "three dogs are better than two" because then I'll be persuaded to go rescue another dog and have to change the name of my little company, the acreage, our wine labels, license plates - EVERYTHING!

Week Nineteen Winners...

I am back from a most excellent trip to Seattle! Love that city - but first here are the two winners for week nineteen: Coming in second place with her entry of "I have no idea who dressed the cat" is Kitty - perhaps it's the play of words on her name that cracked me up, or just the denial in that sweet little face, but whatever it was - congratulations! The Big Wiener is Jill of Jill Ruth and Co. with her entry of "Keep looking up"...something we all need to remember to do and such an appropriate comment for this photo. Congratulations ladies! Please e-mail me your address and I will mail you your necklace.
Thanks to everyone who played this/last week - I'm about to post this week's mini week 20 contest...but first - here's a photo of my brother, me, and my son in Seattle. {I'm 5'10" - those boys are tall!}
Sunday afternoon, my son took me to his favorite bazaar/market and I bought that cute sweatshirt I'm wearing from some talented young silkscreeners. Later, at a junk store, I found this great tin trunk:
<...:::perfect for Trunk Shows:::...>
The boys were sweet enough to take me to junk shops, bead stores, galleries, coffee shops - all the good places! AND - my brother scored tickets to the travelling broadway production of The Lion King. Incredible!

Special thanks to my brother {who doesn't read my blog} for hosting such a fun holiday!!

Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I'm Goin' to Seattle... I made this necklace for myself. I love it!
Now - I'm off to do some errands with my Momma and then start packing. I hope everyone has a fabulous rest of the week and a bit of snarkiness to your weekend.

Monday, March 2, 2009


The Clever Miss Jenny, from The Red Bulletin Board, collects flying pigs. She designed and ordered a Cupig necklace to add to her collection and loves it enough that she did a very nice post about it. Thank you Jenny - both for the order and for the nice things you said! You can read all about it here: The Red Bulletin Board.

Week Nineteen AND Twenty - Necklace Contest

This sweet image is going to be on the front side of a soldered glass pendant for two lucky winners. Since I'm heading for Seattle on Thursday to visit my sweet son and younger brother and won't be around on Friday to choose a winner, this week's contest will go right into next week's contest. {Next week there will be a "mini-week" contest} So - the rules are the same as ever - you submit a suggestion for what should be on the back side of this image as many times as you would like and when I return from the Emerald City I will choose not one, but TWO winners and send you both a necklace.