Friday, April 16, 2010

Even MORE Self-Proclaimed Art Camp

I bought this kit on clearance at Michael's a couple years ago. I love words. I love cement and rocks. It's my personal Art Camp, so I decided to make a brick.

mix up the cement.
slather it in the mold and press in the letters....
Looks like fudge. I think I added too much water to the cement. It might take a couple weeks for this to dry enough to move.

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The Vintage Rabbit said...

love it Rachel!! My friend makes them and sells them..well she happened to have one that says "joy" so of course i had to buy it...well....I came home with it..put in on my front porch...and my husbands says .."i would like to have one with my name on now he has one with his name on it "Mike"!!! cute!!