Wednesday, May 22, 2013

More Turquoise and Reworking

 These items are all for Gatherings on the Blue. Judy brought over pieces of things and whole things and things to take apart and put back together in different ways....
 I "test drove" this one and could have sold it three times!
 Carnelian and Coral. So pretty.
 Three different giant earrings I domed and bolted. Each has a unique pattern or texture.
 Slider Necklace. Abalone leaf, MOP butterfly, tiny fresh water pearls.
Statement Piece. Seriously.

Wednesday, May 15, 2013

A Morning Thrift

I had to run some errands in town this morning, so stopped off at our local Thrift Shop...
I bought the bag of thousands of paintbrushes so I won't feel guilty when I use Mod Podge and then forget to wash the brush... The 2 quart jar will hold a collection of treasures or Red Vines.... The pegboards and little wooden pieces will surely fascinate small children (or me)... the girdle clips might just end up on some necklaces! I also found a really cool pocketknife, some handmade lace, and a grout sponge.