Monday, June 14, 2010

Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest - Amazon Style

This week's necklace image is from an old movie poster. I chose it because we all have those days... why not have the perfect necklace to wear when you're feeling like ripping up a major overpass?!
The contest is simple: enter a phrase/word/caption/whatever you think would make you giggle to see on the back side of this image.
On Friday a winner will be chosen and rewarded with a soldered glass pendant on a 24" chain.
Thanks for playing! It makes my day to read all the fun comments you come up with, and I have a feeling they are cracking you up as well!


lynn bowes said...

out of estrogen

Jenny said...

I told you to stop and ask for directions!!

Unknown said...


"A woman scorned, you'll never weather a more major storm"

"I'm really a sweetheart most of the time! I don't know what came over me?!"

A Giant Tirade is Imminent

You wouldn't like me when I'm angry

CAUTION: May whip out super powers suddenly

Unknown said...

I'm A Beast, BABY!!

Jessica said...

Don't make me angry

If mama ain't happy, then nobody's happy

What's your superpower?


My way or the highway

lynn bowes said...

I have a little plaque hanging in my kitchen that says "Keep in mind that no matter how nasty I get, I'm holding back a little".

It's one of my favorite sayings EVAH!!!

jacklynn4 said...

"I told you to stop and ask for directions" gets my vote. Hilarious!

Cinder said...

Because I said so!

Unknown said...

love it!

Mia said...
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Mia said...


oh' boy said...

This is my moms favorite clue why but it is... I must tell her about this one!!! here are my entries...

I think I broke a nail!!!

Clearly it's stress related!!!

You've just discovered a new kind of PMS!!!

What will she do if she finds him?
Ball him up like a used Kleenex.

I'm going to pop your head like a Concord grape!!!

Natalie said...

I am Woman, hear me ROAR!

Bring it on!

More than YOU can handle!

Anything you can do, I can do BETTER!


Who you callin' CRAZY?

she dreams big! said...

She had her own way of dealing with rush hour traffic.

she dreams big! said...

Why do I always think of another one as soon as I hit publish?

Beware! (or Danger!) Woman on a rampage!

or . . .

Extreme Road Rage!

Unknown said...

"One of you little pests had CHOCOLATE! I can smell it! Just hand it over and this can all stop!"

No Chocolate = Gigantic Trouble!

So, you got anymore wisecracks about women drivers? I didn't think so!

Unknown said...

the HAD should be HAS in that first one above...oops

Shara said...

Capital P.
Capital M.
Capital S.

Mia said...

My daughter (k and M) commented this is my favorite movie. I LOVE this old classic....when I first saw it LoNg scared the bee-jeebers out of me! I have this movie in VHS form thanks to some friends who purchased it as a joke...gotta go get it in DVD now....time for a movie!
Whenever I see this poster, I have to friends and family have no clue how scary this was when I was little....but watching it comical! Check out the giant hand....what special effects! LOL

So I say for Nancy, the wife whose encounter with ailens caused this growth spurt.... "Bring it on Harry, and your sweet little Honey, too!"

Two Dog Pond said...

Ha! Now I am going to have to watch this movie... I don't think I've ever watched it. I'll wait til after Friday so I can wear a necklace...
Does anyone else think she's way taller than 50 feet?
(My word verification is "eyenteat". I am not kidding)

Kitty said...

Everyone looks up to her

Dare I wear the 4 inch heels?

so hard to find a man that measures up

the original super model

All she ever wanted was to buy off the rack

King Kong called, free for dinner on Friday?

Anonymous said...

Who said "Good things come in small packages?"

:-) Jan

Vikki said...

Do I have your attention?

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

ha! this is great!
how about:

"It's time to take matters into your own hands"

"Time to get your big girl panties on"

"She was clearly getting too big for her britches" this a fun one Rachel!

martie 41 said...

"Trust me. There is NO pick up the toys Fairy."

Elizabeth said...

"I'm hell on wheels"

"They only had decaf"

"I am a monster without my morning coffee"

Great contest :)

Beverly said...

This is so much fun!!!

How about:

Sorry, I'm having a hot flash


I hate male drivers

Kitty said...

All the ladies forgive me... but:

Why do they call it PMS? Cause Mad Cow was taken!

lee said...

"lisa never had trouble finding a taxi."