Friday, June 25, 2010

No Time Like The Present To Win A Necklace!

Congratulations to TLee for her timely entry of "No time like the present". I chose it because it's very motivating - sort of a "lets go!!!" pendant. Thank you to everyone who played this week - it was a really difficult pendant to choose a winner for because there were so many great entries! What a creative (yet sassy) bunch you are. Thank you!
The other pendant "she was ahead of her time" was my entry. I always win. Really it should say "she was an old-fashioned girl and way ahead of her time". I read that in an obituary one time. Isn't that great?
Anyway - Miss TLee - although it's not your first win, and won't be your last (I'm sure!!) would you be so kind as to e-mail me your mailing address?
Chicken Newsflash: this morning when I went to check the chicks there was a shrew (small mouselike animal) sitting on the edge of the box watching the chicks. It was like a cartoon! Then, in an action quite unlike any I've ever committed - I picked it up by the tail and went outside to fling it in the grass but got a bit carried away and threw it straight up in a tree. Meanwhile, Miss Frizzle, Buff Daddy, Hootie, Violet, White Chick, and all the others that haven't been named yet, are doing great. I know you want to know.


Little Messy Missy said...

You tossed it!!! Way funny!!!Great image...hahahaha!!

Unknown said... are a hoot!! show that shrew who's boss!!

and Thanks!! for the iwn, again. I really just do it for fun and have no expectation of winning and just enjoy thinking of things, phrases/etc. to go with images!

But, winning always feels good :)

Thanks again..address forthcoming.

Unknown said...

Oh and Lee's were my faves I think. Love the Check out the hot chick at 11:45...cracks me up!!

Bernie said...

Totally braver than I would be with that shrew...but the image of it watching the chicks, too funny!!!
Still loving your contest, just need to get back on board and enter!

Linda M. Cain said...

Oh, this is just to funny! Great story, and my visual was terrific.
I'm not sure I could have picked that thing up by the tail.
Way to go!


tracey said...

Ha! Speaking of cartoon, I think the "throwing it up a tree" part was completely part of that cartoon image! Too funny! Thanks for the laugh!

lynn bowes said...

Someday there will be a paleontologist studying the habits of the Nebraska Shrew and he'll pose the question for the ages, "Class, how do we think that the shrew got up in the tree?"

LynnW said...

A shrew! Yikes! I'm not sure if I would have been brave enough to pick it up, but the whole incident probably was under 2 seconds AND you were the good mama hen protecting your chicks from a nasty fate!. What a visual!

Vintage Christine said...

We have snakes visiting and baby birds falling OUT of trees and there you are throwing shrews UP INTO trees! Hilarious!!!

Kitty said...

was that your version of "taming of the shrew"?

You must have quite an arm on you to get it clear up in the tree! I can just see it flying thru the air, all four feet spread out, eyes bulging and it thinking "what the hell just happened?!"

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

cocky rocky....what a great name - not to mention that great story of you "protecting" your peeps :)
Going over to check out the goodies above...yum - how delicious does that look!!
Have a great week Rachel!