Friday, June 18, 2010

This Week's Winner - Lynnie is the Wynnie

There it is! This week's winning pendant. Beautiful. Lynn from is this weeks winner with her entry of "Keep in mind that no matter how nasty I get, I'm holding back just a little". A perfect gift for a new daughter-in-law, your teenager, your ex-husbands new wife, or just to wear when you're having 'one of those days'. The funny thing is - Lynn doesn't have a nasty bone in her. She is one of my favorite people! She'll have to find someone else to give it to...
Lynnie - I'll put your pendant in the mail.
Why the weird bails on the other pendant? I'm going to make that one into a rear-view mirror hanger. ha ha ha
PS - the majority of my ex-husbands are dead, so I mean no disrespect by the 'new wife' comment.
just kidding - wanted to see if you read the entire post or just enough to see if you won!


lynn bowes said...

OMG OMG OMG!!!! I can hardly wait to get this one! This will just confirm what my friends already know

xoxox :: lynnie the wynnie

Unknown said...

rear-view mirror hanger ...awesome!! twas my fave!! good job Lynnie the Wynnie! :)

Natalie said...

Love it!! :)

leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

lynn! that is perfect and i have the honor to know you and know this is exactly something you would say...sass and charm all rolled into lovely lynn.