Sunday, June 13, 2010

Saturday Mornings at Liberty House in Seward, NE

Starting next Saturday, June 19th, Aunt Patty at the Liberty House is going to have a Flea Market on the lawn around the B&B every Saturday all Summer long! This is something Seward really needs - we do have a Farmer's Market, and there are a few crafters and some bakers that set up there, but this can be anyone with anything. You might find them there once, or you might find them there every Saturday. I plan on being there every Saturday that the weather allows selling my soldered glass pendants. Others have said they are selling antiques and primitives. There might be some mini-garage sales going on too. Those of us that live in the country can't very well have garage sales when only 5 cars drive by a day, so this is great! Come on out - shop here and then head to the Farmer's Market around the Town Square and get some pickles or strawberries or whatever is fresh that day.
If you want to participate, Pat is charging just $10 for a spot. Call her if you have questions, otherwise just show up and claim a spot and hand her a 10 spot.
See you there!!!
True Confessions:
Special thanks to The Graphics Fairy for the bike graphic, and to Just Something I Made for the bird and swirls graphic at the top. These two generously crafty blogs are so chuck full of great ideas and images, it makes my head swim!


Cathe Holden said...

Fantastic design! Thanks so much for fessin' up on the graphic elements and linking over! Wish I were there to check out the Flea Market!

Unknown said...

What a wonderful poster!!! Thanks so much for giving me credit for the bike, that was so sweet of you.
It sounds like a fun flea market, I wish I could be there!!