Tuesday, April 12, 2011

From The Thrift Shop

I was heading for Lincoln this morning (about half an hour drive) for some things I thought I wouldn't find here in Seward. Turns out everything I needed was in Seward, so I celebrated by visiting the local thrift shop. Some of the things I purchased - starting at the top left: 7 issues of "Pack-o-Fun" magazine. "The only scrap-craft magazine. They are all dated 1968 and have some great projects, most involving yarn balls. Perhaps I'll share some with you soon! Next - a game called "Jack Straws". Pick up sticks, but the sticks are things like ladders, axes, shovels, etc. Fun for collaging with, eh? Or, maybe a rousing game of Jack Straws is in order. Next: 3 tiny Chinese Tea tins. I'll use them for gift boxes for Asian inspired necklaces. Next: Not a clue. Looks like a divers helmet for the guy that made the wrong wish and asked for a little head. Next: The cutest little frog planter. Perhaps I'll fill him with jelly beans. And last, putting the little head to good use. That headless mannequin has been freaking me out for a while. This is so much better. I should probably cut back on the caffeine. I've been blogging my head off.


leah - moxiethrift on etsy said...

the packs of fun ARE packed with fun! i bet there are some great graphics in them. ok, the little helmet is the thing that is scaring me.

lynn bowes said...

Little Helmet is as scary as Leah's clown faces. Freak. Me. Out.

E Makes Art said...

HI stranger!! I have stopped by but haven't left any comments for a while. sorry. swamped and grumpy...rrrr.

anywho, love your finds!! We used to play jack straws!! So much fun and harder than pick up sticks because the little axes or handles for the swords, etc get caught easier so it was more challenging. You should give it a try!! The shrunken helmet on the mannequin is scary. just sayin.


Kitty said...

I used to LOVE playing pick up stix!!! I challenge you to a game!

Better yet, come over and help me open the bottle of port I got on the James Arthur vineyard tour this morning (women's club) and we'll see if either of us can pick up ANY!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

whoa Rachel....slow down on the caffine - how fast did you type this post?!!! ha!
I have that same little frog planter & use it outside on the porch to burn candles in - but hey...jelly beans sound pretty awesome at the moment :)