Thursday, April 14, 2011

Miss Vicky's Bracelet

This is another commission piece. Above is the completed bracelet - it's made of tumbled glass and hand crafted hinges. On the wrist.

Originally the clasp looked like this (above). It was a wee bit big for Miss Vicky's tiny wrist, so I made it smaller by re-doing the clasp. I learned how to make this clasp on "The Bead Scene" Garden Gate Clasp tutorial from Tuesday. I changed it a bit to suit the rectangular shapes of the glass...


lynn bowes said...

That's a gorgeous piece! I really like the way the curvy links offset the rectangles- gives it some softness. Lovely :: lynn

Jill said...

What a neat piece. From a distance in the last photo, the glass pieces look like little coffee mugs joining up in friendship. Or beer mugs lined up on the bar, in friendship.

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Love the glass - very colorful & fun!
Just wondering...should I be daughter just bought herself a rock tumbler (she's 12) and wants to make jewelry. She has collected rocks since she could pick them up...just curious if this is the way you started out - now, not that I mind at ALL that my daughter is artistic and might want to become a jewelry maker someday (I'd rather love it) HOWEVER I want to start preparing her father.....he had planned on a well paying, stable job - lol!!
hee hee hee - oh well
And, by the way, our aunts are VERY fun & we love them bunches :) And, we have several airstreams in our backyard everyday - not ours mind you, but they are there! They are the coolest things in the world - someday we'd love to get one and gut it and it would be "The Summer Kichen Girls on the Road" How about that?!!
Have a great day Rachel!
Karla & Karrie

Two Dog Pond said...

I DID have a rock tumbler as a child, and that is exactly how I tumble my glass now (except now it's just three days in the tumbler with some sand...)
You girls crack me up!

Jody Blue said...

Very fun! You do have a gift indeed.