Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Night Lights

I have a ton of metal bed springs. A TON! (not really, but it looks like a ton...)

I know other people have asked what to do with metal bed springs also. Here's an idea I came up with this weekend. These little 'poke in the dirt solar lights' are just $1 at WalMart. You can easily detach the black part that pokes in the dirt. They now fit right in the bedspring! Just plop them right in! Use some wire, chain, ribbon, whatever - and hang them in your trees! You could also hang chandelier crystals from the bottom, or pretty ribbons, or little chimes to keep the neighbors awake... anything! They will charge themselves up in the sunshine all day long and then twinkle by themselves all night long. How cool is that?
This is the $1.00 size solar light. The bottom sticks out of the spring. The $3.00 size is a bit larger and doesn't stick out of the bottom. It's a matter of economics, and I would rather have 100 lights with their bottoms showing twinkling in my trees than 33 twinklers that fit.
Anyway - won't this make your yard magical and twinkly all year long? I love it!

I've made some with tea-light candles, but here in Nebraska the wind never stops blowing, and it's really dry all summer. It's a recipe for a prairie fire...

(PS that's not really a tree - it's the deer head that hangs on the wall in my shop)


Vintage Christine said...

My god you're creative!!!!!

Journey's Gammy said...

Super cute idea! I have a chandelier on my patio that I have been trying to find some sort of non candle option for forever, I am going to have to see if those would fit it. Totally understand those NE winds.

Jody Blue said...

That is a great idea!! Thanks for sharing!!