Thursday, November 18, 2010

'Tis The Season

This Saturday is the big craft fair in Seward - I never feel like I'm ready for it - it sneaks up on me every year. How does that happen? This morning - I am totally enjoying the preparation. The sun is shining in on my desk and I am adding glitter to beautiful images to be made into Christmas pendants. Christmas music is playing softlyin the background...the dogs are sleeping. Life is good.
I'll go into panic mode tomorrow.
If you are in the Seward area, the Craft Fair is Saturday at the Fairgrounds from 9am - 4pm. I will be in the new Harvest Hall (where the food is!). I would love to see you! Come out and enjoy the day. I heard yesterday that all the booths are full and there's a waiting list.

ummm...I'm starting to panic...


E Makes Art said...

These photos are the light and angles!

Don't panic...just take 3 deep breaths and remember....YOU ROCK and no one can so this like you do!!!


E Makes Art said...

OOps, I meant no one can DO this like you do! LOL!! (proof read 1st Esther) : )


Kitty said...

See you there! I am baking (for the food booth) today, prepping food at HH tomorrow and working the info booth on Saturday afternoon. It is going to be AMAZING this year! I'm sure you'll sell out quickly, you have the BEST stuff!


Little Messy Missy said...

Love those images!!!

Two Dog Pond said...

Thank you ladies! As the day goes on, I am getting jittier and jittier... your comments make me feel better!

jacklynn4 said...

Don't panic, you'll be fine (I say as I panic because my own shop looks like a tornado went through.) I can empathize.
bliss farm antiques

lynn bowes said...

Oh Rachel, YOU will do so well! (And I emphasize YOU, if you remember last year.)

I'll stop by to check on ya :: lynn