Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Absolutely LOVE It

Cheryl Darrow, from Ten Seconds Studio, is one of the most creative people in the World. I love her metal products and all the cool tools she sells. She's also a Movie Star. I look forward to Tuesdays every week to watch her and her sassy daughter Megan create more fabulous metal magnum opus (I just used a thesaurus) in entertaining and fascinating ways.
Imagine how excited I am today.
A package just arrived from Ten Second Studio. In it - a Custom Made For Me creation made by Cheryl Darrow. Look at some of these details: 2DP (Two Dog Pond). Too Clever. My name:
Cheryl FREEHANDED this:
(Please, oh please, Cheryl - make a Big Daddy Bazooka Mold of your fancy script)
I know. it's a Kabuka.
Beadwork on the edges.... Cool decoupaging and beautiful paint textures and techniques.
"Is there nothing this woman can not do?"
I immediately hung it above my workbench (which I cropped out of the photo because it's a dangerous mess right now...)
Look at her use of framing materials!

I LOVE it. Absolutely LOVE it.
Thank you, Cheryl. You Rock.
This is the necklace I traded Cheryl for the Artwork. She saw a similar one on my blog... the rest is history.
Look closely at this week's Taco Tuesday Video and you will see that Cheryl is wearing the necklace!!
Another thing to be thankful for....

Creative Women I've met through this blog.

You're all wonderful.


Linda M. Cain said...

Cheryl is brilliant!

As are you!


Vintage Christine said...

Wow! How cool is that?! Love the stuff by all of you! And am curious about "magnum opus"--so it is the same singularly AND plurally? Happy T'Day to all at 2 Dog!!!

Two Dog Pond said...

Perhaps everything they do is the day's magnum opus and I should have used the plural "magnum opi". Chris - you are Magnum Opulus in my book!! Love You!