Monday, February 8, 2010

Yeeha! It's the Necklace Contest!

It's been awhile since we used a Cowboy image for the Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest. I like this image 'cause it looks like there's some important Cowboy Wisdom goin' on. Leave a comment here as to what you think that is... a quote, a comment, a word, a brand, whatever. On Friday a winner will be chosen and re-warded with this here prize: a soldered glass pendant on a 24 inch long ball chain. Yeeha!
Thank y'all for stoppin' bah.


Hope said...

'Remember, boys--Never squat with yer spurs on'


Jenny said...

Remember Bill, it's Y M C A

not sure why this popped into my head..must have been the furry chaps. hehehe!

Kitty said...

oh man... the possibilities with this one! LOL!

at home on the range

anybody got any 4's?


Sure could use an Ikea 'bout now

are you sure this is where you lost your contact?

Burger King or McDonald's tonight?

Why did I tell her I loved her?

Who packed the TP?

Miss Kitty told Mr. Dillon to play nice with the other boys.

Where'd we park them horses?

Sure wish we'd a brought the GPS!

I have way too much time on my hands, and have had way too much caffiene! Thanks for the fun image Rach!

Jilly Bean said...

"Meeting of the minds"

Mollie Spieker said...

Sorry..I can't help myself (as usual):

A pinch of that thar baby powder will help yer problem right quick.

Shara said...

My smart-aleck entry:

"What did you think of Pink at the Grammy's?"

(It could happen.....)

A more dignified entry:

"You don't know SQUAT!"

Okay, that wasn't dignified.

Two Dog Pond said...

You are all cracking me up!!
Here's my entry:
"Stay away from that hill over yonder. They call it Broke Back Mountain and I ain't sure why"

Coloradolady said...

We ain't lost....just a open range detour

mamma said "don't scratch an itch in public"

A Tall Drink of Water? Who Us?

I don't think we're in Kansas anymore.....

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

heee hee hee!

First something for today....
"Cowboy Up or go sit in the Truck"

Then...this reminds me of Paint you kids we loved singing

"Hand me down that can o' beans boys"

I have no idea seems that is about all there is to the lyrics (easy for kids to remember, right?!!)

Unknown said...

One Potato, Two Potato, Three Potato, Four.....

Ya know boys, I shoulda been a banker.

I've got some bad news boys, the horses got away.

Let's just move on the greener pastures.

Unknown said...

Cowboy Business Meeting

"So,before we get home, we are all clear, right? What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas!"

Chickens in the Basement said...

Now, why is that ridge called Brokeback Mountain?

Mollie Spieker said...

"Wonder what the womenfolk are doing at the bachelorette to-do?"

"Rusty, I done told you not to wear your contact lenses out here!"

"A feller could sure use a nice stack of hotcakes right now..."

(Rachel---I love this pic! Cowboyese is always fun.)

LynnW said...

He Rode A Blazing Saddle...

Never Sit Where a Prairie Dog Lives

Ridden Hard & Hung Up Wet

Consarned Varmints!

"Wanna Whittle or Twitter?"

Groucho, Zeppo, Chico & Harpo

Unknown said...

That's our story and we're sticking to it.

Unknown said...

Ponderin' and Wanderin' their way through life.

Anonymous said...

Talk slowly, think quickly.

~ Sarah Rising

Mollie Spieker said...

Sure, she's perdy, Ned--but can she wrastle a calf to the ground?

Kitty said...

How would John Wayne handle this?

Therese said...

Go ahead, make my day!

lee said...

"This is called the Jack Squat."

"4 little ducks came running back."

"with a quack-quack here, and a quack-quack there..."

"Squatter's Rights Rules!"

Therese said...

ok, fess up, who broke wind?

Vintage Revamped said...

Living large on the range.

Jessica said...

Friends in low places

Never underestimate friendship

I've got your back

Hanging with my homies

Mollie Spieker said...

The Calhoun Brothers: Lefty, Righty, Whitey and Tighty.

Mollie Spieker said...

Sorry. And one more:

The very definition of Trouble.