Friday, February 26, 2010

Winner Winner Chicken Dinner

Miss "Chickens in the Basement" is this week's big winner with her entry of "He was serious when he said, "Don't make me pull this train over!" Congratulations! And just what did I like best about this entry? Thinking about what this woman did that would make a train engineer upset enough to threaten to pull the train over and she enjoyed whatever it was enough to keep doing it and then laughed and waved when the train left her sitting on a cliff! Did I overthink it? Maybe a little, but admit it - it is fun to think about....
Anyway - Miss Chicken, please e-mail me ( your mailing address and I will put your winning soldered glass pendant on a 24" ball chain in the mail!


Chickens in the Basement said...

YEA!!! That's me! That's me! I won! I'm so excited! Can't you tell by all the exclamation points!

When I saw Winner Winner Chicken Dinner, I thought, hmmm, I might have to use that one. But this is even better!

Yea! Thanks! Woohoo!

Leah said...

that was a fun one. i love the image.

Jessica said...


Legacy of Love said...

Really nice pendant. Great combo with the winning caption.

Very beautiful jewelry, I'll be watching for more contests I can take a stab at.

God Bless,