Sunday, February 14, 2010


It was snowing and blowing when we left for church. Nothing to brag about (as you can see from the photo above looking at the pond)
The snow got heavier and the wind got windier...we kept going because we were running the sound system this morning and were supposed to have a meeting after church. About 30 people showed up - the smart ones stayed home... When we left church, you could barely see the building... we were all told to avoid the main way home because of an accident involving four or five we all followed each other right into some deeper snow.This is Tim and Wayne checking on the people in the car ahead of us -
Tim got us turned back around and drove home ( s l o w l y ) with zero to little visibility.

scary view!

Meanwhile - I'm working on a fun piece of glass - I'll post the finished product if/when it gets done.

Another piece of 'embossed' fused glass turned into a necklace.
Stay Safe and Warm.
Put an Emergency Kit in your vehicles.
Happy Day


Debra said...

YIKES! You're getting it there! Our ground is about bare-very unusual for Maine! These pieces of fused glass are amazing Rachel~ I love the triple hearts.

The Whistle Stop said...

Wow... I don't think we got it that bad today. I didn't venture out anywhere though. I know I heard the sirens going a lot today. Glad you made it home safe and sound. Stay warm. Your glass work is amazing.