Saturday, January 2, 2010

First Winner of 2010

It was certainly not an easy task to choose a winner this week. There were a lot of really great suggestions. BUT - hands down, this one is the best: "Give Peace a Hand" submitted by Brighid of the Brighid blog. Since I couldn't decide what size pendant to make, I made two - so Brighid - when you send me your mailing address, tell me if you would like the smaller .75"x 1" or the 1" x 1.25" pendant. There will be more hand shadows in future contests. I think this turned out really well - don't you?
Have a good first weekend of 2010 - stay warm. Carry on.


Jody Blue said...

That is so neat!

Brig said...

Oh My Gosh, I won! It's finals time for me and I just now got around to checking up on my favs.
Thank You.