Monday, July 27, 2009

Excuse Number 216

People around here think I'm nuts, I'm sure. When I take walks I take along a big walking stick. It's to protect myself from squirrels, bunnies and toads. So this morning I'm looking out the window to see if its good walking weather and quickly decided my stick isn't going to protect me this morning - so I'm skipping the walk. How would you like to have this family of Longhorns come up behind you while you're strolling down the road?

...just taking their babies for a walk.

It's giving me Blogger Butt.


Vintage Christine said...

You looked out your window and a herd of longhorns is just walking la la la down the road. You really do live in paradise (well, except for those attack bunnies & squirrels).

lynn bowes said...

Hi-freaking-larious. I usually give wildlife a wide berth, too.