Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Meet Poonie

This is Poonie.
The fabulous Chris, from Kate Spike's Spot lives with Poonie and a host of other wonderful animals. There are several things that make Poonie special: A. he has his own blog, Two Cee A Tees . Chris helps him write it, but he dictates what goes in it. B. He's mean. C. He looks exactly like our old cat, Bob, who was mean. D. He says mean things. E. The mean things he says and does are hysterically funny.
Let me give you an example: Chris recently bought a Bingo bracelet from my etsy site. I was trying to be nice and sent along an extra Bingo Button to hang on Poonie's collar. Pets like to look like their owners, right? Evidently not. Here is what Poonie had Chris write back to me:
"Tell that Nebraska wench that I don't wear a collar. The very idea! Humph!" then Boo (another cat that Poonie allows to live with Chris) said he'd love to wear a collar especially one with rhinestones, and Poonie thought that was a great idea since then he could twist the collar and strangle Boo. Boo called Poonie an unrepeatable kitty cuss name and went to bed.
Sometimes I make my husband sit and read Poonie's blog and we both are laughing our heads off within 2 minutes. It's the best blog ever. If you have never visited Poonie - go now. If you get your feelings hurt easily, don't leave a comment - BUT if you think you can take the heat, tell him Rumple sent you.

If nothing else, go read what Poonie thinks about the neighbors letting potential dinners run around the neighborhood....then tell Chris she should be writing chilren's books. GO HERE


Vintage Christine said...

On behalf of Poonie and Boo, thank you so much for this lovely post. Poonie was in an extraordinarily nasty mood yesterday and I'm not sure even telling him he's famous is going to make him happy. We shall see . . .

Unknown said...

Poonie has a message from Toucan over at Two Dog Pond