Thursday, July 23, 2009

Thursday Morning At Two Dog Pond

I took Rumple for a long walk this morning. He loves that - except for the part where I have a heart attack if a vehicle passes us (which is rarely) because he tries to bite the tires....idiot.
He also loves to bounce through the much for fresh beans.

"ducks in a row" The are just visiting after last night's storm.
This is last night's storm....what's that thing called coming out of the sky? It's not a tornado - it wasn't it a water spout or does that only happen on the sea?

I wasn't really worried until the horses took off running - they only do that if it's going to get bad.
I did darken the photo below a bit to show the storm coming in...
Nothing bad happened....except I ran out of wine.


Jill said...

Running out of that's a disaster. Maybe not natural but sad none the less.
Your place look BE-utiful.

svelteSTUFF said...

You call that 'Nothing Bad'??! 8-)

Unknown said...

Rumple looks like a little trouble maker

lynn bowes said...

Now THAT'S a great looking stormcloud!

Vintage Christine said...

A dog who bites at moving car tires? He is totally invited to our house--we live on a road that could double as the Indy 500. Heh heh. Poonie