Thursday, July 23, 2009

Fun Stuff At Two Dog Pond

Tuesday several of the women that were at the first Fine Silver Workshop came back and we worked from 9am-10pm... The fire extinguisher came out after I caught the carpet on fire, but before the wine...
some small charms....bad photo...both cameras were going dead.

Shelley's pendants.

Carolyn's pendants

Norma's Necklace.
Wednesday evening I went to collect eggs and pick beans and took a view photos on my newly charged camera batteries....

The view from the Chicken House

Two Dog Pond Vineyard

Birdhouse Gourd Blossoms

Freaking crop duster dusting the neighbors fields right after I hung sheets on the clothes line.


Anonymous said...

Your crop duster reminds me of when we used to live in the country. I'd hang out my quilts and blankets to dry ~ AND ALONG CAME BIRDS ~ EVERY ~ TIME. "Go green" took on new meaning.
Then we had a beautiful deck on one side of our house. Our neighbor closest to us shared the fence line. They had a giant camper that they used as "the living room" on a daily basis. They'd turn on their super diesel engine, back up the darn thing right smack into our back patio yard and pump our lovely space with fumes ~ every ~ day. So much for country living. We were thick with "smog".

Love the pendants! Would love to know how to do that silver clay.

Two Dog Pond said...

Hey Heather - You'll have to take a field trip to Two Dog Pond. Our closest neighbors are 1/4 mile away and quiet... I'm planning on hosting another silver clay class - I'll advertise it this time. It's great fun (I'm not very good at it personally, but love it!)

Vintage Christine said...

When do you think you might have that class? Would that be a good enough reason to travel from Mississippi to Nebraska? I'm thinking my husband, wonderful though he is, might not think so. I really need to come, though--the winery said they can't ship to either MS or Louisiana so if I'm ever going to sample NE wine, it's going to have either be at your house or at the actual NE winery. You have a beautiful home, BTW.

Vikki said...

That crop duster really got around. It was at my mom's house, and then between Hughes Brothers and our house.
Same one... bright yellow.
It was pretty with the storm clouds in the background... but then, I didn't have my sheets out.