Wednesday, September 19, 2012

A Few New Pieces

 Turkey feathers and rutilated quartz. The feather has a beautiful sheen.
 Pounded and riveted silverware.
 Bless Your Soul.

 Soldered and stamped pendants
Did you know that if you can't find the cord to attach your camera to your computer and you spend days looking for it, it's probably still attached to your computer? Seems it's true.


sue said...

ROFLMAO - re cord debacle! Have done similar with SD card ... Great things here - loving the tribal/Victorian vibe. The letters are so much fun - I do love text. Your stamping of COMPLETE sentences is amazing - so evenly spaced - when I do it it always looks as if I have hiccuped half way through!

Vintage Christine said...

Hey girl! I'm trying to get back into the bloggy thing so wanted to stop by and say hiya! Your jewelry just gets better and better and if I weren't so dang poor right now I'd get one of those necklaces (I know, you hear that a lot). I lost my reading glasses the other day. I DID look on top of my head but they weren't there. They WERE sitting right on my nose but I was looking OVER them trying to find them.

I'm worried about myself. Seriously.

Jilly Bean said...

Love them Auntie Rachel!! Corey would like the feather one :)