Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Feeling the Love From Montana

 Big Game Hunter, TC from Montana {Sweatshop Baby's Grandpa} sent a surprise package today! Holy Cow! I love it!!
 Antlers - he probably found them, not shot them... TC makes beautiful knife handles from antlers.
 More bullet casings to etch and turn into pendants.
Turkey feathers. I have a plan.
Thank you TC! You ROCK!


lynn bowes said...



Jilly Bean said...

That TC is a good guy. That why Sweatshop Baby is named after him...I can't wait to see what you do with your Montana treasures.

Jill said...

I bet you were excited! I wanted to tell you that we stopped at Liberty House a couple of weeks ago and Lauren bought a pair of the ADORABLE booties you created for my little grand daughter! I can't remember now if they were knit or crocheted but I know you do knit so I assume that was it. Anyway, they are soooo cute. And, I bought one of the lace aged soldered pendants you had there. I am smitten with it. I wore it with a somewhat gold muted top and it really stood out.
Happy you live near me!