Tuesday, August 28, 2012


 I just got back from scoring some lovely vintage goodies. The tin biscuit box has been rebuilt with a wooden box and glass top. Perfect for displaying delicious necklaces.
 This old money drawer will display some dingles to add to your delicious necklace.
 Cool architectural piece for above a door.
 GIANT beveled mirror in an oak frame. I'm hoping Tim will hang it above the table.
Great little camera. Not for me.
Great morning!!


acorn hollow said...

great finds and I am inpressed you know what each piece is for.

sue said...

lovely things - giant mirror is beyond awesome ... I am pea-green with envy over your worktable in the previous post - it will revolutionize your studio!

lynn bowes said...

Okay, we have GOT to hit Gatherings! You know I'm in love with all things wood - and I mean that in the nicest way.

I'll help you hang that mirror.


Numinosity said...

I've collected a few of those money drawers in the past but have never seen them in their entirety. So that's what they looked like. Lucky you for that score. Perfect for display.