Friday, October 14, 2011

In Fifteen Minutes

 At 3:30 there's a wild bunch of women coming out to shop here at Two Dog Pond. In fifteen minutes I have to get some snacks ready (wine, pretzels, peanut m&m's - the basic food groups). Above is a picture of my attempt to decorate for fall. My friend Janey from Wisconsin made the cement headless baby for me. Isn't she adorable? Awhile back I found that diver helmet at a local thrift store and it freaked many of you out. How about now? It's just perfect on a naked headless cement baby.
 I haven't been doing too much new stuff... lots of wholesale orders and school orders.
 Yep. Still a big fat mess.
Now I have 5 minutes before I have to get ready for my field trippers....
Hope you all have a perfect weekend.


Vikki said...

I L-O-V-E the tin letters. They look like they came from old license plates!
Cute stuff... as always.

By the way - my cousin LOVED the crocheted cowboy booties. They were the hit of the shower. Thanks again!

Vintage Christine said...

Hey Rachel! Thanks so much for your prayers--I think all the positive energy did some good because he's doing much much better!! My husband has been a professional commercial diver for years and when he was in the Navy actually dove in that helmet--they call it the Old Coppertop. So when I saw it on the baby I loved it--a dive helmet in Nebraska!!!!