Saturday, October 22, 2011

Nonjewelry Poem About Two Dog Pond

Since I've been working on school pendants and wholesale orders all week, I really don't have anything new or clever in the way of jewelry to show {thus the lack of postings} so here's the rest of my world.
ONE TWO - make a shoe. Still obsessed with booties.

THREE FOUR - paint the door.
(not done yet...maybe tomorrow) The last windstorm blew the door open so hard it knocked the panels out!
FIVE SIX - pick up sticks. Scootch helped me pull out the tomato plants after the 'big freeze'.

SEVEN EIGHT. Lay them straight. Tim stacked firewood in the garage. Bring on the cold nights!

NINE TEN - Big Fat Hen. Seriously. Ten Big Fat Hens are now in Foster Care in the Two Dog Pond Chica Casa. Sweatshop Babie's Auntie is moving to Nebraska and didn't have a place for her hens yet, so they are staying here until she's settled. They are absolutely beautiful. Unfortunately, they can't go free range here because of the large numbers of coyotes, foxes, weasels, owls, hawks, etc. that seem to like to terrorize our chickens.

Miss Blowfish, my scruffiest, smallest hen is antogonizing her beautiful house guests. Establishing a pecking order... it's surprising that she would take on these large Cochins...

LARGE cochins.


acorn hollow said...

Love your rhyme and your little booties.

Short Poems said...

Love your photos and your blog too...great stuff!
All the best

Jill Palumbo said...

Your work is so varied and unique and fun to read about. Wonderful Blog!!!