Saturday, October 8, 2011

On The Edge

 The next day Janey and Rick took us to the top of Mt. Morris to witness the beauty of Wisconsin. The trees were on the edge of turning lovely fall colors. There were giant rocks sticking up out of the ground as evidence of the glaciers that used to cover this area.
 A giant cootie swept down and carried Janey off. It was surrealistic. She didn't mind though. She's used to the bugs in Wisconsin.
 From there Tim and I took off for home. A flat tire on I90 meant a 24 hour delay as no one seemed to carry the size tire we needed. No worries. We drove to Lake Okoboji in Iowa and found a great spot for lunch. The flag on the end of the dock dictated what we should have:
 We spent the night at a hotel with a lakeside view.
Toasted the setting sun. Had a late dinner and headed back north in the morning for the tire, then back home to the two dogs, the pond, the chickens and my fabulous sister, Bonnie who had kept it all order for us.


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acorn hollow said...

yikes look out for those cooties! very pretty glad you took the flat tire in stride.

Vintage Christine said...

Ha ha! That cootie picture is hilarious, but the pic I REALLY like is the one with those hot pink toes!!! My parents are from Wisconsin and I remember as a kid going to some lake in the north of the state and getting bitten by ENORMOUS mosquitoes! Oh, and my cousin Tom chasing me around with a bait worm dangling from his fingers. Looks like you had a super duper time!

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