Monday, August 8, 2011

Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest - Dead Shot

Welcome to the Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest. This week's featured image is from a vintage postcard titled "Dead Shot". Your assignment is to come up with a better saying/phrase/quote than that for this image. On Friday, the owner of the comment deemed most worthy will receive a soldered glass pendant on a 24" chain. It's Fun. It's Fabulous. It's Dead On.

Enter as often as you like - or just read what fellow commentor/bloggers have to say. The humor and wit shown in these contests always amazes me!
Thanks to everyone who plays and keeps me laughing!


Jan said...

Look me in the eyeball when you say that.

This gals in charge

Believe me, I'm in charge here.

Annie Oakley has nothing over on me.

Kitty said...

I SAID Mocha Latte skinny with whipped cream!

Go ahead, Look at her ONE more time...

Ain't nobody cuttin' in front of me at the Victoria's Secret sale!

Oh Rach, I do love a girl with a tude!

Coloradolady said...

A Girl Needs Her Accessories!!

Deb said...

One down, one to go!

I'm not horsing around.

Now we're playing by MY rules!

She always liked a challenge.

You rest ... I'll take it from here.

Coloradolady said...

High Stepping Filly!!!

acorn hollow said...

and the horse you rode in on....

I aim to get rid of him.


marcy said...

* You're next
*Just call me Little Miss Sure Shot
* You talkin' to me?
* Come here and say that
* Don't make me tell you again
* Miss Firecracker
*Man? I don't need no stinkin' man!
*Put you're gun down he's mine
* She put the Wild in Wild West
*How the West has really won
*I'm going to show him what a litle girls made of, gunpowder and lead. (Miranda Lambert lyrics)

marcy said...


I meant: How the West was really won!!

Journey's Gammy said...

Quit yer horsin around.

Unknown said...

Save a horse. Shoot the cowboy.

The horse stays with me and you're leaving. Any questions?

Natalie said...

Now this is what I call a stallion!

What are friends for?

Someboday to lean on.

Unknown said...

"OH!, You've done gone and made me MAD, now!"

Shara said...

"Hold your horses!"

watermelonmom said...

Shoot low boys, they're riding Shetland ponies (Lewis Grizzard)

Vintage Revamped said...

I can always count on you to help me aim high.

lee said...

some things belong in the boudior, not in the streets frightening the horses.

calamity? i'll show you a calamity!

rodeo drive- back in the day!

Anonymous said...

I told you to give Snow White the poison apple not my horse. Can't find good help anywhere.

Unknown said...

hey rach>>>what up? is it friday, yet?? haha! just checking on you!none of our witty comments floating your boat this time ;D

guess you just have been really busy with orders....oh, and googly eyes, tomatoes and onions and salsa!!