Thursday, August 11, 2011

'Tis The Season

The tomaters are ripening and it's time to make salsa.

I gathered some fresh friends from the garden and the local Farmers Market.

The jalapenos and sorrentos made me cry.

I did lots of chopping. LOTS of chopping.

and ended up with lots of salsa to can for later...

hopefully much later...

When the weather gets like this again, and it will... then it will taste like summer when we open the jars of salsa and I'll remember all the little 'maters that made it possible.
It always seems to take me 10 times longer than anyone else to make salsa. The vegetables always put on little plays or sing some songs and dance about... I thoroughly enjoy playing with my food.

I have a bunch of orders to finish sitting on my desk. A couple of major designs to finalize, and a couple stained glass windows to build... but - the tomatoes were calling my name! Actually - a couple of them were starting to smell a little weird, so I knew it was time.


Kitty said...

this totally made me laugh!

lynn bowes said...

Everyone should keep googly eyes on hand for situations just like this, no?

My word verification is whilicki, as in "She had a whilicki good time playing with her big tomatoes."

E Makes Art said...

You are hilarious!!! This made me laugh hard! And now I understand your comment on my blog even more... you've got tomatoes on the brain! LOL!!


Journey's Gammy said...

I think you might need to get back to the studio Rachel, you have a bit TOO much time on your hands.

I am going to have to sneak out into my hubby's garden and glue googly eyes onto his tomatoes now- see how much I can freak him out by finding them that way still on the vine :)

amy said...

Thank you for the smiles! Those are hilarious : ) ...and your salsa looks delish!