Monday, May 31, 2010

Two Dog Pond Necklace Contest - I got nothin'

It's a holiday today. Parades, picnics, beers. Don't be like these three and let it go too far. Please. You'll end up on someones necklace contest in 75 years!
The contest is simple: Post a comment as to what word, phrase, quote, or warning would be perfect for this image. On Friday a a winner will be chosen and awarded with a soldered glass pendant hanging on a 24" ball chain to wear proudly and bare witness to your extreme cleverness.
Carry on and party like it 1929.


Vintage Christine said...

In the words of my hero(ine) RuPaul: "We all came into this world naked. The rest is all drag".
And I still say Raven was ROBBED!

Vintage Revamped said...

It always comes down to the shoes!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said...

Hello Rachel! Happy Memorial Day - hope you are enjoying today!
We've thought of one...but we'll think some more :)

"Don't get your skirt in a bunch"

Have a nice week!

The Summer Kitchen Girls said... about:
"Got Spanx?!"

Two Dog Pond said...

Hey Kitchen Chicks! That only took you one minute to think of another one!! You are good!

Unknown said...

"If the shoe fits....."

No Cinderella here.

Just Clownin' Around

Unknown said...
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h20melonmom said...

As on the Little Rascal's club house:

He-man Woman-hater Club

No Girls Allowed

Shara said...

Dude looks like a Lady!

Unknown said...

"Send in the CLOWNS"

Chickens in the Basement said...


svelteSTUFF said...


Natalie said...

Don't be a drag!

The jokes on you!

A couple of jokers.

Blondes have more fun!

"OH! I'm not wearing panty hose!"
(best part of Pretty Woman!) LOL


Jan said...

The wild bunch

Makeover candidates

Therese said...

well behaved women rarely make history

Jenny said...

we lost the bet

Kitty said...

got a little captain in you?

(capt morgan)

Connie K Grob said...

Mama needs a new pair of shoes

Connie K Grob said...

Mama needs a new pair of clown shoes

Unknown said...

How About....

Happy Father's Day!
Your Sons


Happy Father's Day
From Your Clowns!

Unknown said...

You're the one who sent me here!

No one to blame but yourself

The best education money can buy!

Role Playing or Real Life??

Dear Mom and Dad,
Doing Well and Learning A Lot
Love Ya!

Jenny said...

Wong Fu the early years