Friday, May 28, 2010


Here's some amazingly good news! Garrison's mom was told about an organization that would help to purchase Garrison's hearing aid. They are paying for all but $600 of the cost. As of today, May 28th, we have raised $665 dollars!! Can you believe that? Just a bit more than is needed.
Since we've reached the goal of getting Garrison a hearing aid, the fundraiser has been cancelled and will be rescheduled if the need is there at a later date.
Thank you so much to everyone who contributed to helping this little boy! Your kindness is overwhelming.
We're all Loved and Blessed.


Jill said...

Woohoo!! And, I was going to email you that I forgot about a wedding we have on the 19th so I guess it doesn't matter now. Great news!

Vintage Christine said...

That is wonderful news! Maybe you can have a little celebratory party with the leftover money!!!

Two Dog Pond said...

I think any extra money will go for some medical bills they have for Garrison! I'm having a little party in my heart that with the help of so many generous friends we raised the money so quickly. You all ROCK!!!