Tuesday, May 25, 2010

The Shop in My Studio

I've moved everything around again, and since I enjoy seeing what other people do - I thought you might enjoy seeing what I did... The Shop is now where my workspace was. There's a futon and a table where the shop was. My workspace (which I can't show because it's too scary) is where the TV and couch and chairs used to be. I have now taken over the basement.


lynn bowes said...

Wow! You really HAVE rearranged! How about you come over here and get my shop set up sometime?

(My verification word is 'ackshn' and I think that means we have to take action. It's in the stars.)

Chickens in the Basement said...

Looks great! I wish I could lock everyone out of my workshop and get it organized. Then, I could crack a whip whenever somebody (other than me) left a pile of junk in my space!

Linda M. Cain said...

Looks wonderful!!!!!1

Kitty said...

LOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOVE it! It looks so much more open and airy. I have been working on setting up my cake studio for weeks... I may need to bribe you with a bottle of JAV to come and give some input :)

JolieAnne said...

I just found your blog...I know I work too much!
Taking the summer off!
I was born in Omaha, NE. But I haven't lived there for a long time.
I live in FL now, I miss the midwest sometimes. But I know I could endure the hard core winters!
Nebraska seems less rushed than where I live!
Thanks, JolieAnne