Friday, August 14, 2009

Winner Week 41 - Get Off The Path!

Hey Bon! You WIN! You might need a magnifying glass to read it, but YOU WIN!
Bon's quote of "She jumped off the path and followed her heart" is wonderfully appropriate for all of us. I also loved the quotes from Queen since that has long been one of my favorite songs. And REALLY REALLY loved the quote from Chris of Kate Spike and Her Kats about the fish needing a bicycle. Too funny!
Thank you all for playing - you're quite inspiring!
Here is something you might find amusing. I bought a bag of animals because there was a buffalo and a moose in it. We're planning on driving to Yellowstone and Glacier Nat'l Park, and I think it would be funny to take pictures of them in front of scenery - sort of like Travelocity does with the gnome... When I got them home, I realized that the goat in the bag had chewed the buffalo's leg off, so I had to do some quick surgery. Luckily I have some bullet shells sitting on my workbench:
"It's a miracle! I can walk!"


Unknown said...

LOL, thats going to make for some great pics!!! Have a good trip!

Vintage Christine said...

That's a great idea re the pix! And regarding those bullets, the earrings you made out of the shells are just too cool. My gun-lovin' hubby was impressed, too, and was wondering if these were shells from a gun YOU shot off? (Say yes and maybe that will get him more into the Visit Nebraska mood . . .).

Unknown said...

Congrats to the trail blazer!

Oh, snap, I should used that for this one!