Friday, August 7, 2009

Take A Bow, Miss Mallory

Make no mistake, I did like some of the other clever entries, and they easily could have won, but what I like best about Mallory's entry of "Practice as if you are the worst, Perform as if you are the Best" is that this little girl is wearing scuffed up white shoes and holding flowers plucked right out of old Mrs. Smith's garden while she was cleaning her dentures. This little girl has chutzpah. Oh - and Mallory - I used your 2,000 bonus points to add some sparkly glitter to your pendant! Please e-mail me and give me your address so I can put your winning pendant on a chain and in the mail!
Thanks to everyone who played this week!
Lauren, your Momma does think you're special.
From The Pines - it really is all about you!
TLee - Shine On!
The rest of you - you're all clever. Take a Bow.


Coloradolady said...

This is my favorite one I think so far...I just love this. So cute and the phrase is something we all should live by.


Congrats. to the lucky winner....wear it proud!

Mallory* said...

thanks i will!!