Tuesday, November 27, 2012

The Sunrise Keeps Me Humble

Day one
 Since I can't post any photos of the projects I'm working on, I thought you might enjoy seeing what I see every morning from my studio window...

Day two
Everything I'm working on is Christmas Gift Orders. If I posted photos, I could possibly expose surprises - because I'm pretty sure that everyone in the world looks at my blog to try and see what they are getting for Christmas! 

Day three - this time you can see the Canadians on the Pond
We are thrilled with the sunrises and sunsets we witness here at Two Dog Pond. It reminds me that no matter what I create and have a sense of pride in, it does not compare to the beauty of Nature. The sky is quite large here, so imagine the above sunrises covering 75% of what you see. It brings me to my knees.


Jill said...

It surely does. How blessed you are to view this from your window!

amy said...

Absolutely brilliant!