Friday, November 16, 2012

Let The Holidays Begin

 Tomorrow, Saturday November 17, is the SJW Holiday Craft Show in Seward. It's the largest, best, show in the area. If you are within 2 counties of Seward, it's worth the trip over. I will be in the Harvest Hall (not the Ag Pavillion) with lots of jewelry. LOTS of jewelry. There's a sampling above. Bottom middle shows what a mess I'm making.
When I need to relax a bit, I turn to the torch and make beads. They end up in many of my designs.
I can't express enough how much I appreciate the support that my customers show me during this season.
Remember: It is time to start thinking about those ornaments - next week we'll discuss that a bit more.
Tomorrow's show is the only show I plan on doing this holiday season. It's just that grand.


Vintage Christine said...

Hi! Haven't been around in awhile but so much to do away from the computer. Now you're making beads? There's just no end to your creativity!!! Happy Thanksgiving!

sue said...

Yor work is so lovely and you have made so much - it will be a run away success for sure! Hope you have a good time and bring home lots of lovely moolah for spending on holiday cocktails ...

Unknown said...

I am SO happy I got to meet you Saturday! Your work is amazing and your style is exactly my taste! Thanks for the chats and the art swap!