Saturday, January 14, 2012

Trash To Treasure

 Start with a beat up old box. My friend Patty from Liberty House gave me this one. Nail it back together. Add a wooden heart with wings. Varnish it all.
 Cut some PVC Pipe to fit. Glue all the pieces together. Add some little wood holder-uppers.
 It's my new glass rod holder!
 If that doesn't make you feel all tingly and happy, you must have the flu.
PS. The MRI wasn't that exciting or terrifying. Remember the Ministers of the Silly Walk on Monty Python? They wanted to add the way I walk to their long list of silly walks. It was just the push I needed to find out what the pain is that makes me walk like a goof. Thank you for all the concern and care. Makes me feel loved.


acorn hollow said...

Love the box. Glad you are getting answers.

lynn bowes said...

And exactly how do you 'walk silly' since I've never noticed - from the Queen of Walking Smooth Like an Electric Motor (according to Eddie).

By the way, darling finish to the box and to make it useful is just gravy.

:: lynn ::

svelteSTUFF said...


Vikki G. said...

Well, I'm glad someone else said that they don't notice the silly walk. Wow - well, let's hope that it's something easy and non-invasive. Prayers ascend.

Also - just had to say - LOVE the license plate letters.


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