Thursday, January 26, 2012

My Name Is Rachel And I Am A Doodler

 I've been doodling while waiting. Sometimes I go overboard with the curlies, but I'm just learning. I was influenced/motivated/inspired by Lindsay Letters. She writes beautifully.
 Below is the handmade leather journal I'm doodling in. It is beautiful. I bought it at an Artitudes event two or three years ago and have been 'saving it' for....
I don't know what. So I decided to use it. If someone from Artitudes ::lynnie:: knows where to find these, I will post it.
 Rumple was jealous that I posted a pic of Scootch, so here he is with his face right in the camera.


lynn bowes said...

Oh, that's Cat Griesen's leather work! I'll get in touch with her (she may still have an etsy shop) and see if we can post her info here. She's a wonderful artists and these journals are beyond fantastic. She'll appreciate the shout out :: lynn

Catherine Griesen said...

Hey there! I made that lovely journal you are enjoying!! I love journaling too and am so glad the journal is being treated so well;). I do still have an etsy account(uniquepaperarts), but I am slacking on the posting can also reach me at I also sell my journals at the Lux gift shop and the Sheldon gift shop if you are in Lincoln...thanks so much for buying unique local art!!!

acorn hollow said...

Your doodles are beautiful.

Vikki said...

LOVE the doodles. This is WAY more than doodling. This is fancy pants writing. Very, very cool.
I still have the lettering booklet you did WAY back when you were scrapbooking.
You are my lettering hero.