Sunday, September 11, 2011

Monkey Shine

 I've been making sock monkeys since I was a child. I love them. When I had a retail shop in the 90's I had a basket of them in there. For a while, everytime someone gave birth - sock monkey gift. So last week when my husband and I were on the road heading for the seminar, I made some sock monkey hats. This morning I asked Sweatshop Baby, DittyJo and her handsome brother Cael to pose for me. The sun was right in their sweet faces. They still look adorable in these hats.
 This is my entry for last week's contest:


E Makes Art said...

Such cuties, and love those hats!! Your entry for last week is THE BEST!!! LOL!!! Hilarious!! Thanks for always making me laugh :-)


Ha! The word verification is "mentr". You are my comic mentr!!

acorn hollow said...

I love those hats so cute.
and I love that you call them sweat shop babies.

watermelonmom said...

I love your entry for the contest! I saw sock monkey hats just like this at a local shop that sells famous cards, but yours are more personable. Are they for sell at TwoDogPond?

Vikki said...

I'm laughing OUT LOUD at the necklace with Houdini. OF COURSE she said that all the time! Ha!

And, sock monkeys totally rock. Did you know that they have mini ones down at Mueri Drug?